Cebu's Best Resorts According to Tourists

Apr 1


Ruben Licera Jr

Ruben Licera Jr

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Cebu is a gem on an island, littered with great beaches and sceneries. The the hotels and resorts located all over the island is a definite proof that the province is succeeding in its tourism industry. The hotels here are some of the best you can find in the whole country and many are personal favorites of tourists all around the world.


Most of these hotel resorts sport white sand beaches just like those found in Boracay. Here are some of the best resorts in Cebu from the people who have experienced it themselves.

Mactan Island

The island of Mactan is home to a number of high class resorts that are even known throughout the whole world. It is a splendor of an island,Cebu's Best Resorts According to Tourists Articles blessed with great beaches and aquatic biodiversity.

BE Resorts

A hotel resort located along Punta Engaño Road. It’s not that big but it is also not that expensive, making it an ideal place for backpackers. The rooms are average but is able to meet up with the preferences of many tourists. Their food is great too.

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa

Definitely one of the best hotel resorts, not only in Cebu but in the Philippines as a whole. The Shangri-La is a world class hotel that features great white beaches apart from upscale rooms and excellent services. It’s a luxury resort, so prepare to save up and pay up, and have your wallet hurt. Despite that, the experience will truly be worth it.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

One of best and uniquely designed hotel resort you’ll find in Cebu, this establishment is surrounded by a lot of green plantation. What you need to look out for here are the resort’s man-made saltwater lagoons and the rooms that are directly connected to it. Aside from that, it has swimming pools and certified PADI instructors if you’re planning to take some diving lessons.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

This resort also has lagoon-shaped swimming pools aside from the beachfront to offer its guests. This is a known place for big events like weddings. They also have a wide selection of food and buffets that will leave your stomach full. And finally, their staff are also very friendly and supporting.

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark

Formerly known as the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa, JPark Island Resort and Waterpark plays host to many forms of water rides that everyone in the family will enjoy. There’s the Amazon River, the Wave Rider, the kid’s Capt. Hook’s Pool, the Tube and Open water slides and more. And after all that, it also has a great beachfront to offer.

Crimson Resort and Spa

Getting here is like going out of your way (there are other hotel resorts much nearer to the city center or the airport), but the ride is truly worth it once you step into the hotel grounds. The place is huge, well-maintained, and the ambiance is great, as what you would expect of a luxury hotel resort. The most striking feature of Crimson resort would have to be their three-tiered infinity pool that looks like it’s stretching out into the sea.

Abaca Boutique Resort

A combination of class, excellent service and privacy. This resort just sits a bit farther away from Shangri-La and is quite small when you compare the two. However, they make up for that in the services they provide. This hotel is best for lovers who want to spend their memorable moments together in solitude.

Other Resorts in Mactan

Other resorts in Mactan include Movenpick, Alta Cebu Resort and Convention Center, and Pacific Cebu Resort.

On the Southern Part of Cebu

In the lower end of the island will you find great tourist spots like the whale shark in Oslob and the like. The southern part of Cebu is also a good place to unwind and relax, away from the bustling cities and urban life.

Cebu Club Fort Med

A three hour ride from Cebu City is a chore, but if you want to pick a good place to stay in, then this place is perfect for your stay in Boljoon. The resort overlooks into the sea, giving you a great panoramic view of the Bohol Strait. The rooms and the facilities are great and they are pretty affordable too.

Eden’s Resort

With only ten rooms to offer, Eden’s Resort is like your personal vacation house if you ever had a chance of booking here. The rooms are great, services excellent and if you pair that up with great food then that all accounts for one satisfying stay. Definitely worth every penny. You can also pick this place as a vantage point if you ever plan on going to Negros Oriental by fast craft - from there, it’ll only take about 15-20 minutes to reach Dumaguete City.

Costa De Leticia Resort and Spa

Located on the western side of the southern part of Cebu, Alegria, Costa de Leticia sits nicely on the beachfront, giving its guests a great view of the sea and the island of Negros in the horizon. And while you’re at it, you can also sit back and take a dip at their swimming pool too. The hotel also offers various outdoor activities like a waterfalls tour or hiking adventures.

Hale Manna

Located at the very tip of Moalboal, this beach resort only has eleven rooms. Regardless, it is still considered by many as one of the best places to stay if you’re in Moalboal due to its great rooms and services. Their biggest rooms can accommodate up to eight people which makes it an ideal place to stay if you’re traveling in groups.

Other resorts in Southern Cebu

Other resorts in southern Cebu that are worth mentioning are Kalumpang Beach Resort in Argao, Bodo’s Bamboo Bar Resort and Villa Rosa in Alcoy, Lusapan Resort and Granada Beach House in Boljoon, Lubi Resort in Santander, Club Serena Beach Resort, Dolphin House, HK Beach Resort, Sampaguita Beach Resort and Savedra Beach Resort in Moalboal.

The Northern Part of Cebu

Excluding the islands off the shores of the northern part of Cebu like Malapascua and Bantayan, the northern regions of the province has a couple of great hotel resorts as well, further complemented by the great natural beauty in the places they’re situated.

El Salvador Beach Resort

Located along the main highway, this resort is pretty easy to find. Its 39 rooms are well-maintained and has the basic necessities like air conditioning, free internet and toiletries. They also have various facilities like a fitness gym, swimming pools, jacuzzi, their own bar and restaurant and more. They feature water sports like skiing and kayaking too.

Coco Palms Resort Danao

This is another resort located near the main road in Danao that features not only great rooms but their own waterpark as well. You can rent out jet skis and do some rigorous adventures on the sea and have your kids enjoy themselves on the pool along with many others.

San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort

Planning to take a ride to San Remigio? Book this place in advance. The Beach Club offers various room offers depending on how many you are bringing along - the biggest room can accommodate up to 14 people. They have a variety of services, including a tour along the coasts of San Remigio aboard a 25-seater bangka. The beach is great and you can also take a dip into their swimming pool as well.

Las Flores

This is a small hotel resort in Catmon that you can consider a home away from home. The rooms are just right, simple yet complete and the service they offer are genuinely great. The owners take hand into providing you with everything you need, and the food is above average. Las Flores should be on your top pick if you are traveling on these parts of Cebu.

Other Resorts in Northern Cebu

The other hotels that you should be checking out on these regions are Casa Del Mar Resort Hotel in San Remigio, Villa Meling in Daanbantayan, Intosan Resort in Danao City and Nailon Beach Resort in Bogo.

In the Middle Region of Cebu

The middle section of Cebu comprises the towns of Balamban, Tuburan, Tabuelan, Asturias, Pinamungajan, Aloguinsan and the city of Toledo.

Durhan White Beach Resort

Located in Tabuelan, this unassuming, little resort is a pretty good pick, especially for backpackers. The rooms are simple and you get to choose between one that has air conditioning and one that doesn’t. As for the sights around, there’s a stretch of clean, white sand beach laid out for you here as well as some tropical trees to make the view even better. And while there is a restaurant available, the establishment also allows you to cook on your own as they will supply you with gas stoves on your rooms.

Tauhai Garden Beach Resort and Spa

Tauhai is derived from the Cebuano dialect “tawhay” which roughly means peaceful. True enough, this resort in Pinamungajan lives up to its name with its peaceful ambience. This seaside hotel has a swimming pool, spa service and a couple of rooms that can accommodate large numbers of guests. If you’re planning on going here, the resort can arrange a shuttle service for you, provided you are composed of more than five people.

More Hotels on the Middle Part of Cebu

These are some of the resorts that you can find in these regions - Park Place Beach Resort in Pinamungajan and Maravilla Beach Club in Tabuelan.

Resorts in the Small Islands of Northern Cebu

Aside from Mactan Island, hotel resorts have also settled into a couple of the smaller islands of the province. The most notable of these would be the ones on Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island. These islands are well known for its great diving spots and white beaches. Malapascua is quite notable for its thresher sharks as well, making it a great tourist destination.

Travelling to these islands would require you to travel north by bus and then by boat on Hagnaya Port for Bantayan Island or the Maya Port for Malapascua.

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