Chinatown—Cultural Heart of Singapore

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Calling Chinatown in Singapore as a cultural heart of the state would not be wrong at ...

Calling Chinatown in Singaporeas a cultural heart of the state would not be wrong at all. Flanked by the Singapore River,Guest Posting New Bridge road, Maxwell road and Cecil Street to north, west, south and east respectively, this place comprises of a number of grand temples and aesthetic terraces. All time busy with the presence of merchants, shops and activities, Chinatown is good combination of modernity and glimpse of old age. Over the last 30 years, it has undergone huge development process to emerge as an eye catching destination in Singapore. The development, however, has not diminished the possibility of exploring the city for historical and traditional credentials.

Several sub districts join to form the boundary of Chinatown. Mosques, temples and various famous streets impart special recognition to this place. Each of the streets has been named after some famous incidents or personalities. Mosque Street, Pagoda Street and Temple Street are some of them which intrigue every tourist. You can find a good blend of architectural excellence in the streets of Chinatown. Italian architecture in many of the Chinatown’s terraces would never let you go unimpressed. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is the major transportation medium in the city.  You can have more information on the Singapore Travel on the site

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