Costa Rica Currency

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When you are planning a trip to another country it is best if you have some facts about the place on hand. One item that you might want to look at is that of the currency that is used. For the country of Costa Rica the Costa Rica currency is called a colon.

While you can use the money that you have on hand you should make sure that you are not carrying a large amount of money on hand with you. Even though Costa Rica is a beautiful country with many items that you can buy,Guest Posting you should not use your credit card. This is due to the fact that you can have this card of yours taken from you and you will not discover this fact until later. By also seeing that you exchange your home country money with that of Costa Rica currency in a reputed bank you can be assured that you are getting a good value for your money. For those of you who are hoping to travel to Costa Rica knowing some facts bout the Costa Rica currency can be of help. The first item that you should keep in mind is to look for the exchange rate that is available for each day. The second fact that you must remember is that many of the goods that you can get at priced higher than you might be expecting.Since Costa Rica is a beautiful country you may be tempted to visit some of the neighboring villages to take in the sights and to do some shopping. At these places you should have a goodly supply of small change. This is necessary as most of these village stores will not be able to change any large denomination currency.You will find that knowing the common or slang terminology for Costa Rica currency to be a great asset. These terms will apply to the various money bills that you will have in hand. For instance the 100 colon bill is known locally as teja. The 500 colon bill is called the cinco teja. For the larger amounts of money such as the 5,000 colon bill you will hear the slang term tucan. There is a note of caution that you must keep in mind when you are going to Costa Rica. While you may consider that you have more than enough money for all of your travel needs, there are times when you will need extra. At these times you should see about getting your money exchanged at reputed Costa Rican banks where you will not be played out as you wait for your Costa Rica currency.

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