Double Decker Bus Hire Is A Part Of UK Tourism

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Double Decker Bus Hire Is A Part Of UK Tourism. Read this article to know more.

History on wheels. What else can one call the double-decker buses commonly known as Red London Bus? These grandfather buses still ply the roads of London in full glory,Guest Posting thanks to their regular upkeep and maintenance. In fact government regulations require that vintage buses let out for hire should be licensed, taxed and also should be insured as Public Service Vehicle. There is no compromise on safety when it comes to hiring red London Buses especially double decker bus hire.

Even in these days of modern buses with air suspension, air conditioning, audio video systems etc, the feel and aura of riding a double-decker bus is unbeatable. Nowadays most double decker bus hire fleets provide all modern facilities and amenities including “on-board extras” like food catering, drinks, DJ music, filming, photography, etc. The rate charged for a double decker bus hire may vary from fleet to fleet depending on the model being hired. Some fleets are in business since such a long time that they have almost all the models in their fleet and still maintain them in pristine condition.

Red London buses came into existence in 1950-60 period shortly after the Second World War and were used for mass transit in London but were retired from use since 2005 because of their cited difficulties in accommodating disabled passengers with wheelchairs. Even today wheelchairs and push chairs are not allowed inside double-decker buses, although special arrangements may be provided to disabled passengers depending on the fleet’s conditions of service. As the old saying of William Ewart Gladstone goes “the best way to see London is from the top of a bus.” As a tribute to this saying the Routemasters, a model of double-decker buses, still run around London in two heritage routes as decided by the Transport of London.

The biggest advantage of a double decker bus hire has been and always will be is that it can accommodate twice the number of passengers than a single deck bus. When a single vintage bus carried about 30 people, a double-decker can carry up to 60-70 people. Although vintage buses are exempted from the seatbelt legislation, the transport authority’s requirements ensure that only well maintained and road worthy buses are used for customer service.

Today red London buses are also used for family get together, birthday celebrations, school reunions, or for other parties of similar sorts. Some fleets have gone so deep in customer service that they even provide personalized blinds for occasions like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. a double-decker bus will not travel at high speed, but the fun and joyous moments you get from one of its rides cannot be matched with that of any high speed or modern buses.

The double Decker bus hire has become an inevitable part of London’s tourism, leisure and streetscape. You just can’t go back from a London trip without clicking a snap of these Red London Buses. These days double-decker buses provide a easy way to create exposure for any product, business or any event. They are well noted and appreciated by the public for their vintage value. They are used in promotional acts as stationary buses and extremely convenient when travelling to stage shows. However, if your message needs to be conveyed effectively, it may be necessary to modify or re-arrange the bus to meet your requirements.

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