Some Facts You Must Know About Double Decker Bus Hire

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Some Facts You Must Know About Double Decker Bus Hire. Read this article to know more.

A visit to the United Kingdom is never complete without a ride in the double-decker buses. They have become to be a national symbol of England and British Isles. The majority of the buses plying in London is double-decker buses and they have established their presence on London roads since the end of the Second World War. In other words at least 3 generations of the London population have paid for at least one double-decker bus hire. These double-decker buses which are more popularly known as red London buses are available for hire within London and other surrounding Home Counties.

Most of the red London buses belong to the Routemaster fleet,Guest Posting which was originally designed and built for transport of London citizens. These buses used for double decker bus hire belong to the 1950-60 era and are restored and maintained to highest possible standards. This periodical maintenance and proper caring has retained their impeccable styling and beautiful looks over the long years. Without proper licensing and insurance coverage for carrying passengers these buses are not allowed for service on roads, hence passenger safety is an assured matter.

Who hires these buses the most?

Double Decker bus hire is mostly opted by families or groups for celebrating special occasions like family celebrations, birthday celebrations, day trips, promotions, product launches, etc. These iconic buses coupled with good customer service will ensure that any occasion you chose to celebrate in a double-decker bus turns out to be a memorable one.

Companies which give provide double-decker bus hire services also take their customers on sightseeing tours covering almost all important heritage sites of the place. These sightseeing trips are often known as heritage tours and the routes are called heritage routes. Double decker bus hire is also available for static hire, i.e. these buses are hired for short periods, normally for a day or a week with complete interior decoration and ready for use condition to be used as props in product launches, promotions, etc.

The booking cost of double Decker bus hire may vary from fleet to fleet. Nominally fleets charge a £10 per passenger which may also increase if more additional facilities and services are provided. Most fleets often provide other ‘on-board’ extras like food catering, drinks, DJ music, DVD filming, photography, etc. in short you can enjoy a vintage trip in a double-decker bus hire without compromising on the modern day entertainment.

Few important things to be considered before closing a double Decker bus hire deal:

  1. Ensure that the number of passengers is well within the capacity of the bus model you have chosen. Consider the space required for free movement of photographers, caterers, etc.
  2. The gates of your venue should not bar the entry of a double-decker bus. There should not be any low bridges or overhanging trees of cables which could potentially damage the buss.
  3. Please ensure that if it is a vintage bus that you are hiring, it must be taxed, licensed and insured as Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and the driver should hold a valid Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Drivers license.

Travelling in a double-decker bus could be one of the best possible ways to relax and enjoy the sights and heights of a city’s surroundings. Double-decker buses are now an inevitable part of life of United Kingdom and no photograph of any busy street or road is complete without an image of the bus. It has become part and parcel of the streetscape of Britain.

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