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One needs to prepare well in order to pass the theory driving test which is the first step for becoming a licensed driver

The candidates are allowed in the practical driving tests only after they pass the theory tests. The driving tests in the United Kingdom comprise of different patterns of questions. There are mainly two parts of the test:

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. Hazard perception

The multiple choice questions section comprises questions related to traffic laws. It also checks the candidate’s knowledge about the road signs. The candidate’s road safety measures are also put to test. The candidate also needs to have a have a vivid idea about the functioning of the vehicle and the technical aspects of it. The candidate must also be efficient enough to promote proper maintenance of the vehicle. They also have to face some real life situations on the road while driving in the form of multiple choice questions and the candidate has to choose from the various options given regarding the course of action he/she will take under that situation. Some questions are given in the form of a case study which is followed by five questions or so. This is done to check the presence of mind of the candidate as a driver.

Hazard perception test is the test that checks the ability of the candidate to deal with real roads situation. The candidate is shown video clips which features everyday scenes from the road. Every scene will contain ‘developing hazard’ situations. The candidate needs to point out these hazards as soon as they begin to appear. It enforces the candidate to take action like changing the direction or speed of the vehicle. The faster the hazards are pointed out,Guest Posting more the score.

The theory test can be taken from the candidate’s seventeenth birthday onwards. The theory test needs to be taken only before getting the first driving license in a person’s life. It is not needed if the candidate wants to upgrade an automatic license into a manual one or if the candidate already has a license and the license has expired and needs upgrade. The test needs to be taken by those whose license is not from Great Britain.

There are various online sites available which help the candidates to practice from a wide range of multiple choice questions and Hazard perceptions. There is a Government website of the United Kingdom which comes with a number of mock test theory papers. These sites help in informing the candidate about their level of preparation by scoring them according to their performance in the tests. The driving theory mock and test papers of United Kingdoms are also present in the form of books available in the market and they can also be ordered online.

The candidate needs to book their theory test dates from the official website of the United Kingdoms. The candidate receives a booking confirmation after this. The test can be rebooked if the candidate fails in the first test or if he/she wishes to reappear in it. The candidate must choose a date which is at least three days away. It is mandatory to pass the car theory test in order to be considered eligible for the car driving test.

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Driving theory mock and UK driving theory test papers are available in both online and offline market. The candidate must be well prepared for this test so as to pass it. The mock and test papers give a vivid idea about the test pattern.

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