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Scuba diving is a relaxing, action-packed and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by everybody.

Scuba diving can be a life-long adventure involving travel to foreign lands,Guest Posting continuing education and interaction with a bunch of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the undersea world and it's exploration. Our planet is 85% covered with water and at this point we know relatively little about our great oceans and seas. Only a small fraction of the Earth's waters have been explored. Diving can be done anywhere there's water including oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, and rivers. And we can technically include swimming pools since this is where most divers learn to obtain their certification. Learning to scuba dive can become the beginning of a lifelong adventure.

Many people dive both as a fun and recreational activity but there are professional scuba divers too. There are the most famous divers, the Navy SEALS. But most cities and towns have water rescue teams that include divers. So if you love diving, you can always make it a career. There are also professional treasure hunters who scour the ocean's bottom for shipwrecks laden with gold! Even though they may use high-tech devices like satellite photos and sonar, a diver is always needed to go to the bottom to recover the bounty.

Since diving can be viewed as an extreme sport, it is always recommended that the rules of diving are learned and followed accordingly while engaging in this adventure sport. You can earn your PADI certification and hundreds of locations. And if you arrive at a tropical resort somewhere and suddenly decide you want to learn to dive, most resorts offer lessons right in their pool. You can get certified quickly and then head right out into the ocean to explore the undersea world.

Many people erroneously assume that since you are underwater, the weather doesn't play a factor on when you can dive. This is not true!
Scuba diving can be limited by weather conditions just like any other activity. Since you usually take a boat to a dive site, winds and rough seas may make this unsafe. And inclement weather can greatly affect the undersea currents making diving unsafe.

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