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Proserpine is situated on the Bruce Road in the Queensland, Aistralia and has a inhabitants of about 3,390 people. It is situated on the stunning financial institutions of the Stream Proserpine and has won the most popular prize for being the Travel and leisure Qld Nicest City.

Proserpine is situated on the Bruce Highway in the state of Queensland,Guest Posting Australia and has a population of about 3,390 people. It is located on the picturesque banks of the River Proserpine and has won the most coveted award for being the Tourism Queensland Friendliest Town. As it is an ideal destination to have a trip along with your family and friends, you can car hire Proserpine.

This place is also an art enthusiast's delight and has many modern facilities as well as the Main Street which has the old city charm especially the 'art Deco' period, which is depicted in the shop architecture. It also has an assortment of scenic beauty with landscapes, native vegetation and many entertainment facilities which you can visit by hiring cars from a reliable car service agency. You can also visit many picnic grounds at Pioneer Park, Mill Street Park and the cultural centre.

There is also the Peter Faust Dam on Lake Proserpine, which is considered 'the place to fish for Barramundi. If you want to travel around the city, you can consider the option of hiring a car of your choice as it helps you for moving about the city and also explore the city at your own convenience. Waiting in queue for public transportation can prove to be exhausting. You cannot stop at a place of your choice if you are travelling in a shared taxi or bus, On the other hand by choosing car hire Proserpine, you have the luxury of stopping at vantage points, take a break and shop around or have a meal and resume your journey. There are many cars hiring agencies and services that you can opt for and have a wonderful time in the city with your loved ones.

You can visit the art galleries or spend time at your favourite places without having to rush. You can also visit some adventure sport venues and popular holiday spots for weekends. For the food connoisseur in you there are several fine-dining restaurants and cafes that offer delicious meals. Some top attractions in the city are the Harvest festival which can be attended in October and also the professional Bull-Riders which take place at the Proserpine show-ground.

You can also visit the Gunyarra, which is a World War II site by hiring a car and of course the Proserpine Show, which is filled with carnival rides and parades. Most of the car hiring services in the city offer a variety of cars from which you can choose and enjoy your travel around the city. All the cars follow safety norms and appoint professional drivers. These qualified drivers make sure that you will have a safe and relaxed journey. Visit the remarkable attractions of Proserpine and enjoy the tranquillity of this place in comfort with  car hire Proserpine services.

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