Expedited Screening for Military Personnel

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Few things are more appreciated by travelers than finding cheap travel options, whether cheap airplane tickets or cheap vacation packages. 

However,Guest Posting even when affordable fares can be found, long, slow moving lines at airport security checkpoints can be discouraging.

Fortunately the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is beginning to rollout its PreCheck program for military personnel.  U.S. military personnel will be eligible for expedited screening at Reagan National Airport soon.

Later in March, all active duty service members, on duty National Guard troops, and reservists will be allowed to use the PreCheck lane at the airport.

While such personnel will not need to be in uniform, they must carry military identification referred to as the “Common Access Card.”

The TSA made this move recognizing that U.S. service members are entrusted to protect and defend the nation and its citizens with their lives and pose little risk to aviation security.

Service members will enjoy the same benefits as other PreCheck participants when going through airport security checkpoints:

·      No need to remove shoes

·      Will not have to remove laptop computers from carry-ons

·      Will not be asked to take off light jackets or coats.

As is the case with all passengers, service members will at times face random, unpredictable security checks.  This program, if deemed successful at the Washington airport, will be expanded to other airports.

The current PreCheck program is available at a handful of airports for fliers who have enrolled through frequent flier programs and have provided additional personal information.  The TSA hopes to expand PreCheck to 35 of the country’s busiest airports at the end of 2012.

The PreCheck program is part of a new “risk based, intelligence driven” approach that TSA is taking whereby its officers focus their attention on unknown travelers who are more likely to pose a security risk.

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