Explore beyond the beaches during Trip to Goa

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Goa is the smallest state in India but nowhere small in stature. there are lots of things and adventure that attract tourist.

Goa is the smallest state in India but nowhere small in stature. The popular tourist destination has panorama of diversity,Guest Posting including the actual heavily forested Western Ghats, approximately 75-mile-long beach line which add to more than 50 in number offering ambiance of partying, water sports, touristy activities, exploring dolphins and the Olive Ridley turtles to spending a quiet time lying on the beach, elegant churches, wild sanctuaries for flora and fauna, and a laid back ambiance which offers amazing nightlife. You can go for river cruise, enjoy water sports and explore a lot beyond the beaches.

The beaches are the most important attraction on your trip to Goa, but here is a list to explore beyond the azure blue waters:

Pertaining to India’s Latina Quarter

Stroll the thin lanes of India’s only Latin Quarter, Fontainhas, a new enchanting spot packed with attractively managed Indo-Portuguese residences, chapels and public shrines.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Placed on the border of Goa as well as Karnataka, Dudhsagar waterfall should be explored beyond the beach locations. The waterfall as the name suggests looks like the Sea of Milk. The beauty must be explored.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctaury

In Panaji along the river Mandovi, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is an estuarine mangrove woodland home to many bird species. Named after the ornithologist, the bird haven is a delight for birdwatchers. To reach the sanctuary you need to go on a ferry. Early morning hours are the best time to be there as you can spot some majestic species.

Spice Plantations

The Exotic Spice plantations are best enjoyed in Goa is based on Keri (ponda), a smaller small town within the borders. It is usually reached coming from Panjim by using Mardol. Explore the plantations; take advantage of the normal Goan lunchtime along with your cashewnut or coconut feni. The tour enjoys

Goa’s Portuguese Buildings

Another prime destination of Goa will be the Goan structures that reflect your everyday living of Italy world on its greatest. The churches as well as previous building tend to be clearly your epitome with the Portuguese structures. The bungalows together with pillared porches as well as wrought ironed balconies portray the changing times with the 18th century very well. The inner courtyards were very popular through days and nights and even currently, architects throughout Goa stick to this kind of model. So that you can please take a tour with this form, check out your Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St. Francis, Se Cathedral, Church of St. Augustine, St. Anne Church and Mary Immaculate Conception. Numerous buildings here are renowned UNESCO heritage sites.

Goan Pleasures

The Pleasures of Goa are also abundant in its amazing palates of seafood and local delicacies. The local drink Feni and the other cheap drinks will set up the party mood. The nightclubs, pubs and other party places are fun. For the best party the Silent Noise Party is the best. You have music in your ears, groove in your steps and fun in the ambiance.

Grab Goa Tour Packages for memorable tours. You can make plans of travelling, accommodations, and sightseeing and travel pleasures in one package deal. The coastal state is bets explored without schedules. Rent out a two wheeler and make your way for the best experiences.

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The Exotic Spice plantations are best enjoyed in Goa trip is based on Keri (ponda), a smaller small town within the borders.

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