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For some travelers it is not enough to simply find the desired cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms or cheap vacation packages. 

Their love of flying is so great that they are willing to shell out big bucks to take part in flier fantasy camps.

Recently 160 people paid up to $1,Guest Posting699 for a seat on a chartered American Airline plane to visit the Meccas of the aviation world which are normally off limits to the average traveler:  Boeing’s sprawling 737 factory, American’s mission control like operations center, and the cockpit of the world’s largest passenger jet.  Tickets were gone in just 17 minutes.  Participants described this as the “Ultimate airplane nerd event.”

While most people fly because they want to reach their destination, aviation enthusiasts, often view the journey itself as the biggest thrill.

Camaraderie was part of the trip’s appeal.  While it was exciting to walk inside the first 747 ever built, it was also fun to drink with other passengers who share a similar passion for flying.  American stocked the plane with four times the liquor of a normal flight.

Stories were shared among the passengers of amazing meals and lavish hotels abroad all paid for with frequent flier miles.  These travelers were not just consumed with a love of flying; they were also obsessed with collecting as many frequent flier miles at the cheapest possible cost.

American Airlines and several other travel companies who helped arrange for this trip used the occasion to gather valuable feedback from veteran fliers.  They wanted to know what these passengers liked best and least about frequent flier programs. 

Airlines are highly motivated to keep their most frequent customers happy given than 20 percent of the fliers generate about 70 percent of their revenue.

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