Getting from Geneva to Méribel: Transport Options

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Different ways of getting from Geneva to Méribel, by car, airport transfer, motorbike and road bike. Including essential kit, routes, and costs.

About 130 km journey south,Guest Posting getting from Geneva to Méribel is fairly straightforward on the map. But just how you plan on getting there will depend on your budget, sense of adventure and associated holiday plans.

We've highlighted a few of the different ways you can get from Geneva to Méribel to give you some inspiration.

By Car

If you want a bit of independence, and the freedom of your own itinerary, hiring a car and driving from Geneva to Méribel makes for a leisurely and picturesque road trip. It will only take only take about two hours of actual driving time, but there are plenty of places to stop along the way for a bit of sightseeing – so factor in a bit longer.

Essential Driving Kit

You can use your British license to drive in Switzerland and France, but do make sure you remember to pack it! In France it's compulsory to carry a reflective jacket and warning triangle in case of breakdowns (if you're hiring a car, these will be supplied), and you'll also need snow chains and ski racks (if you’re bringing your own skis) – again, these can be hired at an additional charge. Remember: you drive on the left hand side.


From the city you'll take the A41 then the A410 motorway, passing over the border to France. Follow the signs to Annecy, where you may want to stop for a break to visit the famous Château d'Annecy. When you leave the town, you can either follow the motorway signs to Chambéry and the A43 to Albertville, or take the picturesque lakeside route, D1508 and D1212.

Albertville is another good place for a pit stop if you need one, and you can visit the medieval village of Conflans. From there, it's on to the N90 towards Moutiers, exiting at Méribel.

Tip: Fuel is often a lot cheaper at supermarkets than at motorway service stations. Estimated fuel cost for the journey is around €20.

By Motorbike

If you've got an adventurous spirit, touring on a motorbike around this stunning Alpine region is a dream come true. Of course, you'll be restricted in what luggage you can carry (you certainly won't be able to carry skis or a snowboard!), but travelling light is half the thrill of the open road.

Essential Kit

In France, by law you're required to ride with dipped headlights on at all times – even during the day. You must also carry a full set of replacement bulbs and can be fined if you don't.


France's D and N roads are the best routes for motorbikes. For the route from Geneva to Méribel, you can travel all the way to Annecy along the D1201 and then continue to Albertville alongside the fantastic lakeside route, on the D1508 and D1212. Stop off at Duingt for a break, as it's far smaller and more relaxing than Annecy and you can get a snack at one of the cafes along the lake and keep your bike in sight. From Albertville, the N90 will get you the rest of the way, but there are also a number of D roads that will take you along the picturesque Isère River.

By Pre-Booked Airport Transfer

If you want the easiest and most convenient option, you can pre-book a private transfer from Geneva to Méribel and you'll be picked up at the airport and delivered right to the door of your accommodation. You'll need to advise the company of your baggage requirements (i.e. if you are bringing skis or a snowboard) beforehand, but they are well-equipped to handle it. The beauty of this mode of transport is that not only will you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you'll also be in the hands of an experienced driver who knows the conditions and local area – so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Route and Prices

The journey will take around two and a half hours along the motorways and prices will vary depending on whether you book a private transfer or share with other passengers.

A pre-booked private transfer with a reputable shuttle company starts at around £125.

But no matter how you choose to get there, just make sure you get there! This is one of the very best ski resorts in the Alps and you're guaranteed a whole lot of winter sports fun - from the beginning of your holiday to the very end.

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