Going Back in Time with the Monuments of Bhopal

Oct 19


Saachi Arora

Saachi Arora

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if you are also a curious history buff then scroll down the page and read this article till the end. The article is all about the places in Bhopal where you witness the historical and past evidences of this capital city of Madhya Pradesh.


The city of lakes,Going Back in Time with the Monuments of Bhopal Articles Bhopal has been the witness of several eras. Each of the dynasties succeeding to and declining from the throne of Bhopal had left behind beautiful monuments as the symbols of their reigns. Another interesting fact, regarding this city’s history is its line of lady rulers. The period of the ‘Begums’ lasted from the year of 1819 to the year of 1926. Qudsia Begum, Sikander Jahan begum, Shah Jahan begum, Kaikhusrao Jahan Begum, Had left an immaculate example of woman emancipation in the history of India.

Some monuments in Bhopal having historical significance as well as awing magnificence include the ‘Jama Masjid’, the ‘Moti Masjid’, the ‘Gohar Mahal’, the ’Palace of the Nawabs’, the ‘Sadar Manzil’. These monuments, standing as symbols of ancient India always make your visit to this city worth your while. Taking a few days off from the daily chores and stepping into the bricked walls of ancient India, with your family will definitely be as refreshing as ever. In order to save time, while chalking out the itinerary of your trip to Bhopal, you can go with the new mobile applications for online hotel booking in Bhopal. Grabbing well-curated Madhya Pradesh tour packages offers you a wide opportunity you in witnessing the attractions of this beautiful state.


Sprawling over a vast area of four laces and thirty thousand square feet, this happens to be the largest of all the mosques in India. A couple of kilometres walk from the Bhopal junction railway station leads you to this magnificent piece of red stones and bricks put together. This mosque had its construction work on and off for years. Once resumed, its construction had led into a splendid entrance area. The immaculately white floored prayer hall with the ornately lotus designed ceilings, the small pond inside the mosque campus, will calm your soul to the utmost.

Moti Masjid

Built during the reign of Sikander Begum, this mosque is another flawless example of Mughal architectural style. Sprawling at the busy lanes of the city, the Chowk bazaar, this mosque is popular for its architectural resemblance with the ‘Jama Masjid’ of Delhi. The darting white marbled walls of this mosque make it rightfully called the ‘Pearl Masjid’.

Sadar Manzil

Standing close to the Gohar Mahal, this building is the former courtroom or the ‘hall of public audience’ of the Nawabs. The huge wooden doors’ entrance of this royal building leads to a gate, slightly smaller in size than the main entrance gate. A long terrace balcony welcomes you to the first floor of ‘Sadar Manzil’, while moving on to the second floor, a dome in each corner beautifully pave your way to another topmost terrace. A small fountain, at the centre welcomes you to the courtyard with a podium, marking the Nawabs’ seat in the courtroom. Stairs twirl into the rooms on the first floor, from the podium. Seating arrangements for the royal ladies were made on the other side of the courtroom, with windows overlooking into the court.

Apart from the above-mentioned monuments, Bhopal has many other royal monuments, few of which are the ‘Palace of the Nawabs’, the ‘Shaukat Manzil’, ‘Gohar Mahal’. So, mark a day, in your itinerary for visiting these ancient royal monuments of Bhopal. In order to ease off your trip arrangements, Bhopal hotel booking is now available on various travel websites and mobile applications.

Beautiful backdrop of lakes, shopping areas, museums, Bhopal has a lot, lot more to offer, apart from monuments, so pack your bags and step into this ancient city!!

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