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Come to Bhutan and enjoy the pleasures of travels here. Experience Thimphu the land of beautiful sights and experiences the tour delights here. Situated at a height of around 2400m this is a beautiful region with the best of tour pleasures.

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and is the centre of religion,Guest Posting government and commerce. This is a unique destination which has a mixture of unusual development and has many traditions which are of great value that can be comfortably experience through the famous Bhutan tour package. Thimphu is a place which is a great locale with a lot of lively activity, and fitting delights. This is home to civil servants and also has a monk body. Thimphu has a typical architectural style which is a typical representation of Bhutan’s history.

National Memorial Chorten

There are many places of worship in this land of pleasures, Bhutan. Visit the Memorial Chorten, which was built in the year 1974, commemorating the third king of Bhutan, JigmeDorjiWangchuck, and His Late Majesty. He is revered as the Father of Modern Bhutan. The paintings and the statues which lie inside the monument has a great artistic representation and provides a lot of insight into the philosophy of Buddhism.

Then there is the Simtokha Dzongwhich has been built in the year 1627, and it was Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, which is situated on a low ridge that is around 8km down the Thimphu Valley, this is where we have the Institute for Language and Cultural Studies. There is a dzong here that is an excellent piece of artistic abilities. Here you would also see the beautiful slate carvings and also the most magnificent prayer wheels, here in the courtyard and would get to see the best tour experiences.


Then visit the National Library which is where one finds the Bhutan history with the best archaic texts, and also the best ancient texts and manuscripts and the most artistic works. The library has most of the modern books of academic value and many printing blocks for prayer flags.

Then visit the Institute for ZorigChusum, which is popularly known as the Arts & Crafts School or Painting School, which is the institute which gives a course of six years on the 13 kinds of traditional crafts and arts pertaining to Bhutan. When comes on a visit here, one can see many students learning the innumerable skills that are taught in this academy.

Traditional Medicine Institute in Bhutan

Then go to the Traditional Medicine Institute in Bhutan, which gives more emphasis, to both the traditional and allopathic types of medicines. There are many herbal medicines here that are made up of medicinal plants that are abundant here in this kingdom that are dispensed here after preparation. This is an institute which is a training school for all those practitioners of traditional medicine. This complex is not open to visitors due to the fact that hygiene standards have to be maintained. Then the tourist can walk around the outside and have a glimpse of the entire place.

Folk Heritage Museum

Then there is the Folk Heritage Museum or the PhelcheyToenhkyim, which has been built so that the tourists coming to Bhutan can get connected to its past. There are demonstrations and exhibits, and also programmes on educational experience and documentations of rural life. There are many exhibits in the museum out of which the three storeyed rammed mud and timber house is very famous. This has been built sometime in the 19th century. The design of the house is such that an average household in the Wang area is showcased. The age of the structure shows the performance and durability of the materials used for constructions. From the ground to the top floor, there are displays of household objects, domestic tools and many types of equipment which were used in those days.

Then of course there is the National Textile Museum which is a great place to be in and is under the patronage of Her Majesty AshiSangayChoden the Queen. The textiles in Bhutan have reached an optimum level and have the most distinctive art forms.

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