Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours - Final Days Of Summer Deals

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There's few more long stretches of extraordinary summer climate and now's an ideal opportunity to book that heli ride. Do recall that September is the busiest month of the year and that you should RSVP your visit, particularly on the off chance that you need to go at nightfall.

There's still plenty of time to take a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour this summer. Pick your departure point - Las Vegas or South Rim - and fly in,Guest Posting over, and more at the greatest National Park in the Western United States.

There's several more weeks of great summer weather and now's the time to book that heli ride. Do remember that September is the busiest month of the year and that you must RSVP your tour, especially if you want to go at sunset.

Best Price

I also recommend you book your tour online in order to get the best price. Please keep in mind that you must complete your booking online in order to get the Internet discount rate. Failure to do so could result in paying full price (expensive!).

From Vegas you get to fly to the West Rim. There are no flights to the South Rim because it's too far. If you want the South, you'll have to take the airplane tour. It departs daily three times in the morning and takes about 60 minutes to reach the National Park.

Landing Tour

Pick from tours that fly over the Canyon or land on top or in it or both. All flights go over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Colorado River en route to the Park. Unlike the South Rim, you can fly below the rim and land at the bottom of the Canyon, and it's one of the reasons I recommend you do a landing tour.

My favorite landing tour is the Champagne picnic. It lands at the base and comes and gives you about 30 minutes at the base. Lots of clients like to upgrade this tour to include a Colorado River boat ride and VIP tickets to the Skywalk, which is also known as the Glass Bridge.


The Skywalk is basically an all-glass platform that lets you walk some 70 feet over the edge until you are standing and incredible 4,000+ feet over the bottom. I've done it and the views of the Canyon are incredible, especially those of Guano and Eagle Points.

As noted earlier, South Rim tours don't fly below the rim and land. It's banned by the National Park Service. Thus options include two incredible air-only tours. The first is a 30-minute tour that goes from South Rim to North and back via the Dragoon Corridor, which is the widest, deepest section of the Canyon.

Then there's the 50-minute flight. It does everything the 30-minute tour does plus the East Rim. Travelers will see the Desert Watchtower, the Temple of Ra, the Colorado River Confluence and much more. Personally, this is the tour I recommend because it's a great value. Further, once you've done it, you'll have see about 75% of the Canyon.


I hope this article about Grand Canyon helicopters during the end of the summer season helped you plan your vacation. From Vegas, I recommend taking a landing tour, especially the Champagne picnic. At South Rim, go with the 50-minute flight. It will let you see most of the Park and is the best value. Finally, make sure you book online and in advance in order to get the best flights and the cheapest price.

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