Great Things to Do On a Beach Holiday

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Looking to go a beach holiday then here a few tips on how best to spend your time

With many people's thoughts on what type of holiday they are going to have this year. I guess people like to book a holiday in the winter to help take their minds on the grey gloom of winter. There are so many types of holiday that are now available that are much more affordable it can be overwhelming. You could opt for a safari holiday; see the Inca ruins in Peru or the delights of the Pyramids,Guest Posting to name a few. However sometimes is best just to keep things simple. People can get easily pass their own country off as a viable holiday destination. Ask yourself have you really explored your own country yet. If you haven't why not? I am sure there are many wonderful sights you can find without having to jet half way across the globe.

Here in the UK we have such a variety of landscapes that are begging to be explored. From the ancient volcanic landscape of the Scottish highlands, to the incredible beaches of the south coast. A country that can easily deliver an incredible holiday for you and your family.For me this year I have chosen to opt for a beach holiday on the south coast, but what are the best things to do on a beach holiday? The following lists are some of my favourite things:


Simple and easy to do and if you put some extra effort into either making some of the treats, then it makes the whole thing extra special. Even if you have no cooking ability being able to rustle up a few little treats is much easier than you think.

A few of my favourite are:

Rocket and olive pasta saladStuffed baby peppersCouscous saladBroad bean and feta fritatta ('fruitalia')Picnic crudite loafBeach Cricket

This will help you burn off some of the calories consumed in you lovely picnic. Go to a sports shop get yourself a set of stumps, a bat, and a couple of tennis balls. You will need a good sandy beach for this, the beaches in Norfolk and perfect for this. Be active and have a laugh.

Read a book

Holidays are after all supposed to be about relaxing, and what better way than lying on a beach reading a good book. Soaking up the sun and just taking it easy.

Go for Walk

Explore the coastline and go for a walk, most beaches have plenty of hidden treasures close by. It could be a lovely little shopping area, with some unusual boutique style shops. It could just simply be a well laid out path way that leads up to cliffs with views to die for. It doesn't matter what it is. I you have young kids, then make it into a real adventure. Use your imagination and you will all benefit form it. By doing more then you are more likely to make a holiday into something special - turn it into a family weekend break to remember.

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