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Arabia is the first country in Africa to be discovered by Europeans. At that time, the Europeans were so much interested in the land that they got help from the locals to explore Arabia. After two centuries of exploration, many more tourist spots of Arabia were discovered and today, it is like the Africa of the Middle East.

The little known picturesque region of Arabia is a fantastic place to visit if you are planning on taking a beach holiday in the Middle East. It is called Arabia because,Guest Posting after the discovery of oil in the region, it has now become a lucrative tourism destination with most of the tourists choosing to come here for the breathtaking Arabian Desert safaris.


This gorgeous corner of the world was named as Arabia by James Cook on his expedition in the year 1831. The great explorer saw the beauty of this region and named it Arabia after this and others adventure experiences in his travels in that part of the world. It was also named as "sand of Arabia" by a British explorer and this is why today, every time, when a person hears about Arabia, he automatically thinks of this giant expanse of sand.


Although it was not explored thoroughly by the Europeans yet, there are already so many islands in Arabia that the people from the African continent also found their way into this region. These islands include Mauritania, Egypt, the Red Sea, Oman, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, and Algeria. There are a number of other countries that belong to the Arabian Peninsula and Arabia is like the Arabia of the Arab Peninsula. Many of the islands of the Arabian Sea have beaches along with some hotels, fishing villages, and resorts for rent.


There are so many places that are related to Arabia in the southern part of Africa such as Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, and Namibia. The most interesting part of Arabia is its desert and the magnificent views that can be seen from it.


The desert safari is very exciting, especially if you are an enthusiast of nature and wildlife. The desert safari to Arabia, the last place in the world, is a wonderful opportunity to get so close to nature.


Once you arrive at the Arabian Gulf, there will be sand and sandy shores where you can sit down and take a rest. You will also be amazed by the great views of the Arabian Desert. When you travel from the Arabian Gulf to the Arabian Desert, you will find a variety of flora and fauna of animals that you never thought existed in such a huge area. And you will also find that the Arabian Desert is home to creatures that look exactly like you.


If you plan your Arabia desert safari properly, you can also experience the experience of riding camels in Arabia. There are many people who are fascinated by the smell of camels in the air and with a camel safari to Arabia, you can experience the smell of camel dung and the heat of its skin and saddle pads.


Camels are not only found in Arabia but also in other parts of the world like Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia. In the desert, they sleep for a few hours and when it is morning, they are ready to go for another day's adventure. You can also observe their way of life and how they herd sheep.


Camels are actually known as a domesticated animal in the Arab world. They were first introduced to the Arabian Peninsula in the form of herding sheep. In other parts of the world, they are known as mules and mops.


Other animals that are found in Arabia are the Djable deer, Ibex and the oasis cities such as Fadak and Al Ahsa. Most of these animals are very rare in the Arabian Peninsula and when you go on a camel safari, you will find a lot of difference with your own regular tour. While doing a camel safari in Arabia, you can also take your kids and bring them on the camel safari.


If you want to travel with your family, you can also hire a coach that has accommodations for the children. This is very easy and you can enjoy the camels and enjoy the scenery while your kids get to know each other.

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