How to apply for provincial nomination to immigrate to Canada?

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Canada's Provincial Nominee Program is designed for those skilled workers who have the right skills, work experience and educational qualification to contribute to a specific provincial or territorial economy and want to live in a specific province as permanent residents.

Each Canadian province and territory has its own immigration programs and streams that target specific groups and has different eligibility requirements. A stream may target skilled workers,Guest Posting semi-skilled workers, students or business people.

As mentioned, different province follows a different program, thus, how an applicant can apply for provincial nomination depends on which PNP stream he/she is applying to. An applicant may apply following a paper-based process, or via an online process through Canada's Federal Express Entry.

As a part of the PNP programs in Canada process, applicants must pass a medical examination and get a police clearance certificate as a mandatory document, no matter which province they are planning to live and work.

Let's discuss about the above mentioned PNP application process, i.e. Paper-Based and Express Entry.

Paper-based process- Apply as a provincial nominee on paper

Under this process, applicants can directly apply to the province or territory of their choice for nomination under specific non-Express Entry stream.

An applicant must meet the key eligibility requirements of a particular provincial nominee program that nominates him/her. After getting a nomination, applicant must submit a paper application for Canadian permanent residency to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) along with relevant documents.

Please note, the application processing times here take longer than usual in comparison to Express Entry, i.e. 15 to 19 months.

Here is simple stepwise process you may follow to apply under any Provincial Nominee Program via a paper-based process:

  • Choose a province: First you must decide where you wish to live in Canada and apply to that particular province or territory to get a nomination. They'll review the application on the basis of their immigration needs and your intentions to live there.
  • Fill your application: Once you have received your nomination by a province, you must fill the application and all the forms as per the instruction guide and gather all the relevant documents.
  • Pay the application fees: It includes the processing fees for you and your family members (if included in the application), the Right of Permanent Residence fee, biometrics fee and third-party fees (medical exams, police certificates, language testing, educational credential assessment).
  • Submit your application: You must submit the final and complete application upon receiving your nomination along with all the supporting documents.

Express Entry process- Apply as a provincial nominee online through Express Entry

Under PNP's online Express Entry process, you may apply for provincial nomination through two different ways.

The 2 ways to apply are as follows:

  • First method:
  1. You can directly contact the province and apply for a provincial nomination under its Express Entry aligned stream.
  2. If the province agrees for nomination, you must create a new Express Entry profile or update the existing one (if any) and update that you have a nomination certificate.
  3. You will get a nomination via your account, which you must accept and update online.
  • Second Method:
  1. You must create an Express Entry profile online and update the name of those particular provinces or territories where you want to move.
  2. If a province or territory finds you eligible then they'll send you a “notification of interest” to your online account and you can then contact them directly.
  3. You can apply for provincial nomination to their specific Express Entry aligned stream.
  4. If you get a nomination, they will send it to you your account and you have to accept or reject it electronically.

Please note, under both circumstances, creating an Express Entry profile is a must, so always remember to create one from the beginning.

Here is simple stepwise process you may follow to apply under any Provincial Nominee Program via Express Entry:

  • Meet the Express Entry's minimum eligibility criteria to create and submit your Express Entry profile
  • Get accepted into the Express Entry pool
  • Province or territory sends a “notification of interest” letter
  • Apply for Provincial Nomination through Express Entry aligned PNP Stream
  • Get your Express Entry stream nomination and duly accept the same
  • Get an ITA (invitation to apply) for permanent residence once accept your nomination
  • Fill out your application and submit along with supporting documents and required application fees electronically

Please note, under any of the above mentioned application processes, if you fail to follow the proper directions and procedures and found to be providing any misleading information, you could be inadmissible in Canada. This clearly means that you could be banned from applying for Canada immigration for up to five years.

Thus, the best idea is to seek expert assistance at early stage so that you can be sure about the your case file and its accuracy and completeness. The reason why we recommend seeking expert guidance here is the amount of experience and expertise they posses is far better than any newcomer or an aspiring immigrant.

They understand the process to the core and keep themselves updated about the latest changes in the rules and regulation or requirements like, fee amount, age limit, English or French language ability sections and more. They know how an applicant can create an error-free application, how and what all documents you need to gather, how you can improve your CRS scores and more, which in turn ensures you quick visa approval either through PNP or Express Entry.

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