how to change or cancel a united flight online?

Apr 7


steve smith junior

steve smith junior

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United Airlines is the U.S’s biggest airline, so if you live nearby to the hubs, there is a chance you will find yourself booking on a united Airline.


But as we know,how to change or cancel a united flight online? Articles travel plans can change anytime, so it’s better to know what it takes to change or cancel the flight, especially what it cost and how to change or cancel a united flight online? 

This is especially important during the covid when flying, and it was unsafe to fly anywhere. If you make a reservation during the outbreak, you may be interested in how to change or cancel it, and thankfully you might be able to adjust your flight free of cost or with a lower price. 

If you need to change or cancel a flight online, do not worry can easily do this. The flight booked through the official website if United Airlines can be canceled or changed through the website. To do the process visit the United Airlines website and do the following: 

  • The first you have to do is visit the website of United Airlines and log in to the account. 

  • Then, click on the My trip section available on the homepage. 

  • Click on the manage my flight button to the right of the flight you want to change or cancel. 

  • Click on the change or cancel my flight option at the top of the screen. 

  • Then, follow the screen instructions.

When you cancel a paid flight ticket, the united airline will send you a voucher that can be used towards a future flight. For a better understanding of the cancellation and refund, let’s see the cancellation and refund policy of United Airlines. 

united flight cancellation policy

  • As per the united flight cancellation policy, a customer can cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of the airline purchase to avoid the cancellation charges. 

  • Once the 24 hours window is complete, you will be charged a certain amount as a cancellation charge, but this can be avoided if you purchase a refundable ticket. 

  • As per the policy, a refundable ticket can be canceled at any time, and the passenger can get the total refund amount. 

  • When it comes to non-refundable flight tickets, a customer can only cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the purchase to avoid the cancellation or change charges.

  • As per the united flight cancellation policy, the customer has to pay to cancel and change charges if the flight ticket is non-refundable. 

Refund policy

  • According to united flight refund policy, if you buy a ticket before one week of departure and book it in the last 24 hours, you can pay the cancellation and change charges.  

  • You cannot make changes with the economy flight ticket; however, you can cancel it within 24 hours to get a refund without any extra charges.  

  • When you make the refund request with United Airlines after canceling your ticket, It takes 20 business days to process your refund, and the refund is always done in the original payment method. 

Canceling the flight is never be fun, but knowing how to do it without charges can help. Keep the tips mentioned earlier in mind the next time you want to change or cancel the flight. Doing so could save you cash. 

For further information about how to change or cancel a united flight online, you can contact the customer service, using the UNited airlines customer service contact number, and then, the expert will let you know about all the details you should have to take while canceling and changing your flight.