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By shopping for prices via the Internet, many amateur travelers are able to snare cheap airplane tickets and discount hotel rooms or cheap vacation packages. 

Setting reasonable expectations can help an infrequent traveler have an enjoyable trip.

The following tips can come in handy for the inexperienced traveler:

·      Patience is a must.  When you travel leave more time than you think will be needed.  The wait for the shuttle from the parking lot may take more time that often seems reasonable as will the time it takes to check your bags.  Security lines are often long and boarding lines move slowly.  Allowing extra time for the unexpected is smart.

·      Relax when traveling.  There is no point in getting upset with the person in front of you in a security line forgets to take of his shoes or does not remove his laptop.  Don’t stand near the gate waiting to board.

·      Pack a light carry-on or plan to check your bag.  Life is much easier when you are not straining to find space for your bulging carry-on in an overhead bin.  By only bringing what you will need on the airplane in your carry-on it will fit easily under your seat.  Elite frequent fliers do not have to pay baggage fees.  Otherwise try to fly via JetBlue.

·      Bring headphones or a book,Guest Posting or if sleep is the goal, an eye mask.  Sometimes that is the best way to indicate to your seatmate that you need some alone time.

·      Make a point of being nice to everyone.  It isn’t the gate agent’s fault that snow canceled your flight or that the person in front of you caused the plane to malfunction any more than it is the flight attendant fault for making the rule which requires electronic devices be turned off for departures and landings.

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