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Jet Connect is low cost airlines of India no. 1 Jet Airways in India. Its new economy service airline of Jet Airways India……

Jet connect is a new low cost airline of Jet Airways India. It is an economy service airline of India’s best full private airline Jet Airways. The difference is only that in Jet connect you need to buy your own meal and all other facility are same as in Jet Airways. Jet Connect flies in approximately 56 cities and 400 plus daily flights in India.

Jet Konnect started its flight operations in 9th may 2009 with eight aircraft. It was a new strategy of Jet Airways for attracting of economy class passengers.

Currently,Guest Posting the airline is flying with eight aircraft i.e., with two Boeing 737-800 and six ATRs. Only difference between Jet Connect and Jet Airways is that the Jet Connect passengers have to buy their own meal, and the rest of things remain the same which its parent company Jet Airways provides to their customers. The leading airline mainly operates flights in tier-2 cities as Delhi, Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur, Vadodara etc.

Jet Konnect is popular since its inception not just because of its low fare but for its service which is best as Jet Airways India it is completely a new strategy by Jet Airways India for booking of ticket. You only just go to online, and click on the Jet Connect website and their you get all the information about flights timing and flight booking and payment is made by debit or credit card and at the same time you get print out of e- ticket.

For Flight status, the passenger needs to go on the official website of Jet Connect and their flight number and know the flight status of Jet Connect Airways. The low-cost carrier is operating more than 125 plus flights weekly to metros city. It is also flying from Mumbai with 19 routes and 38 cities.

Significantly, Jet Connect’s new strategy of Jet Airways India, its not only for economy class passengers , its  a new facility given by Jet Airways for all those person who travel in tier 2 cities daily or weekly for business meeting and any other work, so, for these passenger Jet Connect is best facility given by Jet Airways India. Jet Connect is for those common persons who want to take experience of International standard flight once in a life time, so, for all these common people it’s like a dream come true.  Jet Connect made air travel easy and more affordable. It has been operating from the major cities to small hubs all over India.

Thus, Jet Connect is totally a marketing strategy of Jet Airways India, which has been implemented by searching the need want desire of air traveler in a way that give benefit to passengers and Jet Airways India, so, according to his marketing plan they made the Jet Connect more affordable to his passenger and providing all the facility to his passenger which they are providing in Jet Airways India. We can say its new surprise gift for all air travelers by Jet Airways India.

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