Life of a Permanent Resident: Experiencing the Greener Pastures

Sep 10


Kavita Verma

Kavita Verma

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A permanent resident is an individual who is given the right to live in a country. Such an individual has rights to live and work on a sovereign land. The individual enjoys full rights, except the right to vote. An immigrant who earns permanent residency gets complete protection within the jurisdiction of federal, state as well as the local laws.


Resident titled with a permanent status will soon be accessible to superior quality education in the world. The resident can now earn a degree or a diploma by paying a nominal fee,Life of a Permanent Resident: Experiencing the Greener Pastures Articles as done by a citizen of the country. The permanent resident will not have to pay whopping money as fees for securing admission in a college or university. The resident also has full liberty to travel outside the country of which he or she is a permanent resident.  And the most astonishing point to make here is that once the individual has permanent residency, he or she will be on the advantage side to apply for the citizenship of that particular country. It is fairly and squarely simple and straightforward.

The Innate Responsibilities of a Permanent Resident

Now that an individual has permanent residency, it does not mean that he or she is all out from his social obligations and responsibilities towards the new society. The permanent resident has to acknowledge and abide by protocols of the country. It means, that the resident has to be responsible, extraordinarily vigilant, and righteously informed at all times and on all occasions. Here are a few points that a responsible permanent resident should know:

  • Must file the income tax returns before the designated federal authority like any citizen. The taxation will on the basis of gross income earned by permanent resident while living in country.
  • Must pay all the required taxes in time.
  • Should always demonstrate high morality and abide by the citizen charter.


Permanent Resident Vs. Citizen – Which One is for You!

You may have been living in a conundrum all these years thinking that Permanent Resident has the same status and stature as a Citizen. It is the time to break it off and know the reality. Citizenship and Permanent Residency is not on an equal keel. Well, it had never been.  If you are a Permanent Resident, you do not hold the passport of the country. Instead, permanent residents carry with them the citizenship of the country where he or she is born.

Citizens may enjoy a good time bringing family members to the new country with higher transparency and more accessibility to the federal jobs.  Citizens become automatically eligible for various types of federal assistance and other beneficial programs like Healthcare and the Social Security.

In many cases, a permanent resident may be on the brink of losing his or her residency if he or she lives outside the designated country for a particular time frame.  This time frame can be either of one year, or two years, or three years. The time frame may vary from one country to another.  Permanent residency status may also be forfeited if the individual leaves the designated country and takes an exodus to any other country, of which he or she is not a permanent resident or citizen yet. 

If any individual wants to have a citizenship conferred upon him or her, the permanent resident should apply through proper channels and within a time bound frame.  One cannot become a citizenship in a day or two.

Immigration Lawyer- Authentic Resource and Guide to Gaining Permanent Residency

Gaining permanent residency or becoming a permanent resident is not an easy job. You need to adhere strictly to the federal protocols. If you oversee or miss any of these protocols, you miss the chance of becoming a permanent resident of that country. Immigration lawyer comes to your rescue here. The immigration lawyer will help you to make the process of permanent residency not just quick, but legal and secured. He is the right type of professional who has in-depth knowledge of immigration regulations of the country where you wish to apply for pr, and later citizenship.

The lawyer, as he is the competent authority, will guide you through the rightful means on approaching the legalities of permanent residency. He manages the cases related to permanent residency off and on. He will take the law course ahead after making assessment on your qualifications and undertaking other formalities to necessitate into action. The immigration lawyer forwards your case to federal authorities, and simultaneous offers you relevant advice. This advice is quite relevant with respect of your application. 

In the end of everything else, life of a permanent resident becomes worthy of living, and he or she has the freedom to earn, spend, buy and express his or her opinion with limitation on voting rights.