Magical Weddings on a Sydney Harbour Cruises

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Be part of the action on board Quayside Fleet with the best View in Sydney. Sit back and enjoy the busiest day of the year on Sydney Harbour whilst enjoying delicious food, exceptional service and the celebratory atmosphere only found on the worlds most beautiful harbour.

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most special occasions of our lives. All our life we dream of the various ways to have a beautiful wedding that will be remembered by all.

Everything at a wedding must be perfect – from the decor and the food to the reception and entertainment of the guests,Guest Posting there isn’t a single area that can be let loose.

Needless to say that this joyous celebration calls for the addition of an extra special feel to it to make it an occasion to remember. What could be better than a wedding on Sydney Harbour Cruise?

Weddings on Sydney Harbour Cruises can be defined in one word – perfect!

They are a fantastic blend of style, luxury and fun. Arranging for weddings on Sydney Harbour typically depends upon a few factors such as the number of guests that would be attending such weddings on and the overall budget of the hosting parties.

Weddings on Sydney Harbour vary from their style and theme to the selection of food and the form of entertainment offered to the guests on board.

Weddings on Sydney Harbour can be arranged with ease by simply picking one of the various wedding packages offered by Quayside Sydney Harbour Cruises - A Charter Boat Company with over 14 years experience providing cruises on Sydney Harbour.

From corporate Sydney harbour cruises, product launches on a Sydney harbour cruises through to Sydney harbour cruise wedding, Quayside Sydney Harbour Cruises are one of the most reputable and long running Sydney harbour cruise company on our shores.

Let us now take a look at the various special attractions, which a Wedding on a Sydney Harbour Cruise have to offer to those who are planning to host a wedding party or after party on board a Sydney Harbour:

Unique location: A church or a resort or some other traditional reception venues have been the typical wedding locations since ages. But who would have thought about a Wedding cruise cruising our famous Sydney Harbour.

Having a wedding on a Sydney Harbour not only takes care of the wedding location but also adds a unique twist to the entire wedding.

Great decor: Wedding decor is a major attraction that wins the appreciation of the guests. From simple and fun themes that involves balloons and festoons, having your wedding on a cruise on Sydney Harbour and accommodate lavish installments to add a regal feel to your wedding decor.

Choose a vessel that will be apt to achieve the kind of wedding decor that you have always dreamt of and you are all set for a magnificent wedding on Sydney Harbour.

Innovative themes: Gone are the days of traditional weddings. Modern day weddings present an extensive variety of themes that make guests look forward to attending such Weddings on charter boart for their exceptional attractions.

With guests dressing up as royalty or as clowns from a circus, as pirates or as farmers, such theme Weddings on a wedding cruises are fun both to attend and remember.

Amazing selection of food and beverages: What is a wedding without a scrumptious spread of food?
Most packages for Weddings on Sydney Harbour comprise a mouth watering selection of food, a delectable range of drinks and wine to raise a toast to the newly married or to-be-married couple, and for the enjoyment of the guests.

Enjoy lip smacking meals and delicious thirst quenchers on board, wade through the pristine waters, and watch the new couple rejoice in the company of their near and dear ones. Could the experience of attending a wedding be more relaxed and fun than this?

Live entertainment: In addition to the great food and wine options, weddings on cruise charter boat present another great attraction – that of entertainment.

Once the wedding is over, it is time to party! And to get you and your guests grooving, most weddings on a cruise are accompanied by great music, dancing and special performances to keep the guests entertained.

Depending upon your personal taste and the amount of money you would like to spend on a wedding cruise, Quayside Sydney can also arrange for live DJ's to play churn out your favourite numbers and get your guests shake a leg or two on the dance floor!

Based in Sydney, Quayside Sydney offers a fleet of magnificent vessels especially for Weddings on Sydney Harbour.

From yachts and charter boats to luxury cruises, Quayside Sydney has an extensive variety of vessels to accommodate a varying number of guests and meet your budget.

All vessels have a welcoming ambiance. Add to that Quayside’s special wedding buffet packages that are sure to add a Midas’ touch to your wedding!

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