Why is Sydney Harbour so famous?

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Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world and here are few interesting facts about the Harbour and how it came under the limelight of world tourism. Also read about some of the best vantage points on the Harbour such as the dinner cruises in Sydney and the Harbour Bridge.

 person visiting Sydney shouldn’t leave the city until he or she has been to Sydney Harbour,Guest Posting at least for the heck of it. Because that’s how much the place means to Sydney’s cosmopolitan status on the globe. But have you wondered  why or how that came to be? Come, let’s find out! 

Today more than thousands of businesses thrive around the Harbour, including the fancy lunch and  dinner cruises in Sydney that offer stunning sightseeing opportunities to their guests. From the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge to the architectural wonder called the Opera House, the Harbour exhibits scintillating views from every nook and corner of it. That being said, one of the best ways to learn about the Harbour would be to board one of these Sydney Harbour dinner cruises as it includes an informative commentary on the Harbour and its significance. On nights, more so, the Harbour sashays in a vibrant splash of colours and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sights in the world. You can get on board a Sydney Harbour Dinner cruise to enjoy the roving views while savouring a scrumptious dinner served with drinks. A glass boat experience would be an interesting choice if you wish to get uninterrupted views of the Harbour. 

Sydney Harbour is situated on Port Jackson which holds an important historical significance in the growth and development of Sydney. Here’s a fun-fact: the first-ever European settlement and Colony in the 18th century was located here and it was lieutenant James Cook who eponymously named it after Sir George Jackson, a British admiral.

Geographically, Port Jackson is a natural harbour or a ria that is an inlet of the Tasmanian Sea and is some 6000 years old. Sydney Harbour is just one of the five tide-dominated drowned valley estuaries that forms the harbour and the limelight fell on it nevertheless since it became home to two of the world-renowned structures—the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Moreover, it boasts of a majestic shoreline that is approximately 240 kilometers long and surrounded by 54 square kilometers of water. Usually, there are countless private ferries and cruise vessels dotting the Harbour waters which is a stunning view in itself. 

Although, at a glimpse, Sydney Harbour directly associates to its unmatched urban precincts, the city also has areas that preserves bush lands and forest lands surrounding the Harbour. On the eastern area of Sydney Harbour, the public reserves set on the
South Head has a scenic walkway that passes through Camp Cove Beach to the Foreshores of South Head. The Royal Botanic Garden and Mrs Macquaries Chair are adjoining gardens and parklands that offer you a sweet respite from the city’s urban shroud. So, the next time you visit Sydney Harbour, you may take delight in connecting the dots over the historical facts you’ve gathered.

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