Mai Chau in Top 10 newest Asian destinations

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Mai Chau valley has been voted as one of the newest tourist destinations in Asia by travelers via Agoda. Not just being praised with lush green rice fields and poetic valleys, Mai Chau is appreciated highly with good tourism services and ideal weather.

Mai Chau valley with the majestic nature,Guest Posting amazing scenery, rich velvety green, and poetic beauty of the highlander becomes a wonderland, a wonderful natural painting. Tourists coming to Mai Chau will be lured into the greatness of wealthy farms, races on spring, green tours, and a "majestic world". In Mai Chau valley, there are many beautiful landscapes, including Mo Luong Cave. The cave is famous for mysterious stalactites captivating visitors. The stalactites have created flowers and streams like a masterpiece. Located in the Pu Kha Mountain Range in Mai Chau town, Hoa Binh, about 2km walking from Lac Village, Mo Luong Cave is one of ideal attractions in Mai Chau for tourists who love to explore and find a strange feeling in Mai Chau town.

Mo Luong Cave in Mai Chau also has a different name - Bo Luong (Bó Luông) called by White Thai ethnic people. Mo Luong Cave is also known as Hang Bo Doi (Solider Cave). Bo Luong means a big water source. According to a legend, on every Tet holiday (Vietnamese Lunar New Year), Thai ethnic people go to deep streams in the region to catch fish. One time, there was a woman who caught an egg three times. After each time seeing that egg, finally, she decided to bring that egg home. Then, the egg turned into a snake. Since the appearance of this snake, the water level in rice fields raised. Wherever the snake was taken, the water level raised, creating favorable conditions for locals to expand lands and cultivate into fertile fields. To express gratitude to the snake, locals brought it to Mo Luong Cave, and then the snake turned into a dragon there. Annually, on the full moon of the seventh lunar month, there are swarms of fish appearing from the cave. Local people believe that the fish swarms are brought by the snake to return the favor to the locals.

Mo Luong Cave - Mai Chau has four smaller caves with the depth of about 500m. The first grotto retains 60m long, 16m wide, with 20m high of the ceiling dome. The cave's ground is paved by concrete. During Resistance War Against America, the cave used to be an arsenal. The grotto is structured as a large living room with numerous spectacular stalactites on both sides of domed ceiling, which looks like decorative ceiling lights and colorful paintings. The second cave is 10m higher the first one. Entering the cave, visitors will have a feeling of getting lost in a different place. It is the wonderland of stalactites. There are many breathtaking Buddha-shaped stalactites on 2 sides of the wall or colorful ones like sparkling clouds. The background is the convergence of shiny stretching stalactites like a silver ornamented carpet. Going through the second cave will lead to the third one. This is a large cave with an area of 400 square meters, and cooler than other caves. In a serene space, stalactites from the dome of cave fall like huge teeth. The last cave has a height of 25m, a length of 15m, and a width of 12m. In the fourth part, there are many stalactites, stone pillars with unique shapes. At the end of Mo Luong Cave, there is an underground stream running to Mo Luong Lake in front of the mountain.

In Mai Chautours, visitors can stay at stilt houses of Thai ethnic people. It is an interesting experience to explore more about cultural identity of locals. Other famous Mai Chau attractions are Lac Village, Pom Coong Village, Van Village, Mo Luong Cave, Chieu Cave, Pieng Kem Cave, and archaeological excavations as Lang Cave and Khau Phuc Cave.

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