Making It Easier for Seniors to Pass Security Checkpoints

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As much as many seniors enjoy taking advantage of cheap airplane tickets and cheap vacation packages, they often view airport security checkpoint procedures as intrusive and unnecessary.

Apparently the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agrees.  As of March 19th,Guest Posting TSA has decided to test expedited airport screening procedures for senior passengers (over the age of 74) at Chicago’s O’Hare International, Denver International, Orlando International and Portland International airports.  These airports were selected in part because more seniors fly via these airports.

Each test airport will only be using an expedited approach to screening elderly passengers at a single checkpoint initially.

The modified screening for senior passengers will be similar to what was recently put in place for children under the age of 12.  Senior passengers at the test airports may no longer need to remove their shoes or lightweight coats at airport checkpoints and will be allowed to go through full body scanner more than once if an anomaly appears on a screen. 

As with young children, TSA continues to reserve the option of asking select elderly fliers to remove shoes and be subjected to a pat-down if anomalies are detected during screen that cannot be resolved via other procedures.

Though there is no defined end to this pilot program, the TSA pilot program of expedited screening for young children went national a month after commencing its test.

This test is a further effort by the TSA to shift its screening process to focus more of their time on passengers that they know less about and stop exposing all passengers to the same screening procedures.

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