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Choose the very best destination for your Mediterranean holiday. Benefit from exchange rate differences and save money at the same time!

For many years,Guest Posting the Mediterranean has been the holiday destination of choice for visitors from all around the world, in particular Britain and Northern Europe. However, in recent years its popularity has declined somewhat. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most significant is the current economic crisis in Europe and particularly its effect on the Euro and exchange rates.

The exchange rate imposes an extra burden on travellers from countries outside the Euro-zone, as the rates have been anything but favourable for some time now. With spending money becoming increasingly tight, this is an additional expense few can afford. But there is an answer, and it is extremely simple! Just look for resorts that offer everything you want, but are not tied to the Euro. Among the destinations that have gained a lot of notice in this regard, Northern Cyprus has particularly benefitted and has seen substantial growth in tourism.

Unlike the Republic of Cyprus to the south of the island, Northern Cyprus remains outside the EC and has not adopted the Euro as its currency. This can make north Cyprus hotels extremely good value for visitors from mainland Europe. The north (or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to give it its formal title) remains tied to the New Turkish Lira (YTL). Once the subject of many jokes, the YTL has in reality remained extremely stable for many years and is a reflection on the growing economic success of Turkey. Choosing a Northern Cyprus hotel for your Mediterranean holiday will not only offer you a superb break, but can also save you a great deal of money compared with other resorts.

Of course, the money-saving aspect is only one thing. North Cyprus hotels and the country as a whole offer a great deal more. The resort has been described as ‘The Jewel in the Mediterranean Crown’ on more than one occasion and has some of the most stunning scenery and the most gloriously-preserved historical sites in the entire region. Steeped in history, yet with one foot firmly in the modern world, the island offers almost anything you could dream of to make the perfect holiday. Whether your preference is for lazing in the sun, or for a break crammed with activities, you will find much to enthral and entertain you.

For the sun-worshippers, north Cyprus offers miles of wonderful beaches and even the smallest hotel inevitably have pools and sun terraces to make the most of the island’s fantastic climate. For the active, there is everything from mountain walks to paragliding and countless things in between. And for the watersports enthusiast, there is every joy of the Mediterranean. At least three, major, PADI diving centres are based on the north Cyprus coast, and for those who prefer to remain on the water’s surface, there is everything from windsurfing to a lazy day relaxing on a coastal cruise.

Try Northern Cyprus and you will enjoy a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. And for all the right reasons! If you are contemplating your first visit, then one of the Northern Cyprus hotels around the Kyrenia area is probably the best place to start. Kyrenia is located on the northern coast of the island and has been a favourite holiday spot for decades. It’s beautiful, ancient harbour is an absolute ‘must see’ for any holiday here and its colourful streets and alleys are full of restaurants, shops and places of interest. To get the best out of it, you are probably wise to look for a hotel a little distance from the town itself. There are many smaller north Cyprus hotels to be found in the villages and countryside just a few miles from Kyrenia and most are of truly excellent standard and offer everything you could imagine, plus the peace and relaxation the island is famed for.

Whether or not value for money is important to you (and let’s be honest, it is for almost all of us), then Northern Cyprus should be on your holiday list. And it should be on that list for many other reasons as well!

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