Melbourne Tourist Attractions: Melbourne Museum

Nov 2


Dominique Vangheel

Dominique Vangheel

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If you visit Melbourne, you may not like to miss a trip to the Melbourne Museum. Paying a visit to the Melbourne Museum is more than going to a museum. It is like the other museums most of the cities of the world have. Read the article below to know more about the Melbourne Museum.

A Melbourne tourist attraction you do not want to miss is the Melbourne museum. Visiting the Melbourne Museum is more than going to a museum. The museum is different from the other museums most of the cities of the world typically have. The unusual structure combined with some other wonderful galleries and exhibition centres has made the museum a must-visit place in Melbourne. Read the article below to learn more about the Melbourne Museum.Melbourne Museum: A Large MuseumThe Melbourne Museum,Melbourne Tourist Attractions: Melbourne Museum Articles which is located in the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. The museum has been growing since its inception in 1854. There are theatres, food, tours, 3D documentary films, exhibitions about immigration, animals, Melbourne history, and much more in the museum and you may not be able to experience all the things in one day. In fact, the curators of Melbourne Museum have created a city of history and science under one roof.Melbourne Museum: A Different MuseumWhen you go to the Melbourne Museum the first thing you will notice that it is not just any old museum. The word museum usually makes you think of something old, something from the past. When you go to the museum, you may also expect the brick and mortar structures that will put you in the mood for a walk into the past. But the Melbourne Museum, which consists of a modern barrage of glass and color, will immediately bring a smile to your faces. The internal atmosphere of the museum is one of elegance but warmth, surrounded by culture and science. There is also a historical touch here and there. You can feel a touch of history when you see the Beaux-Arts Royal Exhibition Building, put up in 1880, that stares at you through the glass windows.Melbourne Museum: For Children Too!One of the main attractions of the museum is the childrens gallery. Visit the museum with children, and they will love you for it. I have been there now with my daughter on a few occasions and she just loves it. When you go, your kids will be thrilled to go to the Childrens Gallery where they will be able to spot the giant tilted Rubiks Cube, enjoy hands-on activities, do archaeological digs, do dinosaur dress ups and enjoy displays that are eye level for kids! The gallery is a great playground of learning activities. "Play and learn" is a phrase that comes to mind here.Melbourne Museum: Aboriginal Cultural CentreYou can also visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, another attraction of the museum. In the Aboriginal Cultural Centre you find Aboriginal art. Some of the pieces of art, the typical dot paintings etc are just incredible! There is also an outdoor garden of native plants, most probably used for medicinal and health purposes long before medicine was available, which tries to honour the Aboriginal outdoor way of life.Melbourne Museum: The Evolution GalleryThe Evolution Gallery is another exciting gallery of the Melbourne Museum. The Gallery includes a skeleton of a giant wombat and the giant meat-eating dinosaur, Tyrannosauidae. You will also get to know most of the scientific names of the prehistoric animals. In the Melbourne Gallery, a big Pygmy Blue Whale will capture your attention in addition to the history of Melbourne since the early 1800s. Melbourne Museum: The Science and Life GalleryIn the museum, the science and life gallery is also worth paying a visit. Here you will see the Bigs Alive! Exhibition. There is also Marine Life and so many interesting facts in the Virtual Room. The Forest Gallery is beautiful with birds and reptiles, set in a Victorian forest era. Other galleries include Mind and Body Gallery, The Bunjilaka, Te Pasifika Gallery etc. The Bunjilaka exhibits the Indigenous Australians and the Te Pasifika Gallery exhibits several specific exhibitions. As you see, there is just so much there! When looking for a Melbourne tourist attraction to do on your own or with the family, keep the Melbourne museum in mind. It is interesting, you can see some beautiful art works, you and your kids will have a good time and hey, if you learn a thing or two in the process, that's not that bad, is it? So make this one of your must-do Melbourne tourist attractions next time you come to visit!

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