Most Famous Historical Places in Sri Lanka That You Need to Visit

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Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean, famously known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is proud to have inherited a history dated back to the fifth century AD.

According to the “Mahawamsa” the primary historical source,Guest Posting the first settlers in Sri Lanka was a Prince named “Vijaya” and his 700 followers. Despite the close proximity and the affinities with the neighboring India, Sri Lanka developed its own culture and even Buddhism which started off in India, flourished in Sri Lanka. 70% of the population in Sri Lanka are Buddhists. This has been the norm since ancient times and due to the rich heritage, the ancient rulers have built temples and monasteries to house the Buddhist monks.

Sri Lanka has so much to offer and your Sri Lanka Holidays could include itineraries to visit many of historical places. 

Family tours in Sri Lanka can be arranged according to your preference by contacting some of the best tour operators in the country to suit your budget as well as your travel plan. Given below are some of the historical sites not to be missed in Sri Lanka.

Climb Sigiriya: 

One of Sri Lanka's seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this rock fortress dates back to the fifth century AD. Sigiriya is regarded as one of the most developed urban planning projects of the first millennium. From the landscaped gardens to the frescos of the king’s concubines painted on the rock, hundreds of meters above ground, this is a must view site located in Sigiriya.   

Explore the Ancient City of Anuradhapura: 

Located at the north-central province of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura city is full of archeological existence of a mighty kingdom dating back to the 5th Century AD. Anuradhapura city houses the most worshipped “Sri Maha Bodhi” which is believed to have grown from a branch of the Bodhi tree under which lord Buddha attained enlightenment. 

The sky-high stupas and beautiful irrigation architectures will have you exploring the city for days and will fill your heart with a serene feeling. 

Explore the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa:

The well-preserved ruins of many of the structures built during this time can be seen at Polonnaruwa today such as beautiful palaces, monuments, parks and gardens.  The star attraction in Polonnaruwa is the “Parakrama Samudrya” a huge reservoir built by king Parakramabahu and the collection of vast Buddha sculptures at the “Gal Viharaya”

Temple of The Tooth in Kandy: 

The Temple of the Tooth holds the tooth of Lord Buddha and is considered as one of the most important Buddhist relics in the world. Kandy, a royal city founded in the fourteenth century became the capital in the sixteenth century.  

Colonial Charms of The City of Galle:

The Galle fort built by the Portuguese in 1533. Galle fort is a UNESCO listed site. Galle is synonymous for its rich Portuguese architecture and many buildings are preserved for the visitors to witness the rich architecture. Another landmark icon is the famous lighthouse in Galle, which also was built, in the Portuguese era.

Cave Temple of Dambulla 

Another of Sri Lanka’s many World Heritage Sites, the Dambulla Cave Temple is the largest and best-preserved cave monastery in the country and is believed to have been a place of worship since the 1st century BC. The richly painted complex is made up of five separate sanctuaries containing over 150 beautiful Buddha statues and murals portraying some of the country’s most important religious art. 

The above is some of the few things a tourist could visit in this beautiful country and prior to planning your holiday. It is a must to speak to a proper travel advisor to plan your itinerary to capture all what Sri Lanka has to offer depending your choice of activity and interest.

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