Papallacta thermal hot springs

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Papallacta is a small and rustic village located over 3.300 meters above sea level (10.800 feet),Guest Posting on the 65th KM (40 th Miles) at the eastern side of Quito, in a humid montane forest, on the road which leads into the Ecuador Amazon Rain Forest; it only takes 2 hours to get there. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the majestic Antisana.

The most important touristic attraction of Papallacta is its thermals, the best hot springs of Ecuador, with temperatures at their origins from 30 to 70 ºC (86 and 157 ºF). These waters have been put into pools, where the temperature fluctuates between 36 and 42 ºC (97 and 108 ºF).

First the feet, then the legs to the knees, then the torso... Thus gradually, the visitors of the thermal springs of Papallacta submerge in pools. The reason for this ritual is that to the thermal water is attributed the power to alleviate illnesses such as arthritis, acne, digestive problems or bad circulation.

There is a therapy followed by most people who visit Termas de Papallacta hot springs, they submerge into the pools of very hot water and next to it into the freezing waters of the river that comes right from the mountain.

This therapy is recommended for people who suffer of kidneys problems. Besides a source of health, Papallacta springs are a restorative experience, where your mind and body can get away from it all, while you enjoy of a wonderful view of the snow - covered summit of Antisana (5.700 meters above sea level / 18.700 feet), one of the good motives to visit Papallacta. A walk in the páramo, or bird watching can follow the hot baths.

Metropolitan Touring offers you programs that take you to this wonderful place, where you can find health, recreation and relaxation in an environment of great beauty…

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