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PNR is the Passenger Name Record, well known common word mostly used in travel industry and passengers. That contains schedule information of passengers or group of passengers.

PNR is the Passenger Name Record. It is well known and common word which is mostly used in travel industry and passenger itself. It is basically a record in the database of travel industry that contains the schedule information of passengers or group of passengers. The PNR idea was first introduced by airline industry that required in exchange of reservation information in case passengers require multiple flights for their destination.

When a passenger book a tour,Guest Posting the travel agent and travel companies creates PNR in his computer database system. This is one of the largest Global Distribution Systems such as Worldspan, Sabre etc. and if the booking is directly through airline then PNR is in airline customer relation system database. The PNR is commonly known in common language as the record locater.

PNR is the backbone of tourism industry, through PNR Travel Company can know all the information about passengers i.e., Number of flight they have booked or when they booked his flights and if passengers want to book his ticket directly, they can book his ticket directly through airline by the help of PNR. Because of PNR you can also reserve your booking in rail and if you are in waitlist, by PNR you can know that your seat has reserved in train or ticket has cancelled, all you can now by sitting in home thus by PNR booking of ticket is easy and convenient .you can also book your ticket in bus through PNR and you could reserve your seat according to your choice.

Not only for passengers but it is also helpful for travel agency because there are so many passengers who book his ticket day to day and the PNR generated when they book his ticket thus travel agency has got lots of information in their database for his personal record . Whenever passenger need to book his ticket in airline, bus, railway, through PNR number travel agency easily book traveler ticket in advance because of PNR.

If we see from the technical point for PNR, passenger name record (PNR) consist name, contacts details of passengers as well as the airline and travel company details and for ticketing details, ticket number are provided and once the booking has been confirmed then customer relation management will issue a unique alpha numeric record locater, which will remain the same until any change made in booking which help the traveler checking and tracking their booking.

Thus in early times we have to think many times whenever we think about booking of ticket but because of advance technology, booking is now easy and convenient. Now you can book your ticket very easily and convenient way though PNR .because of PNR passengers can reserve his ticket easily and conveniently through travel agency or going directly in airline, because of PNR you can book your ticket thorough online , offline , by mobiles easily and conveniently  only you need to give details about your PNR and within a few minute you can reserve your seat in airline, rail, bus .Thus through PNR life of passenger is easy and convenient.

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