Screeners Found 1,306 Guns in Carry-Ons

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While travelers’ preoccupation with cheap airplane tickets and cheap vacation packages is understandable, the fact that so many try to sneak prohibited lethal weapons onboard is not.

In 2011 alone over 1,Guest Posting300 guns were found in carry-on bags.  Some of the passengers are trying to fool screeners by hiding prohibited items in their shoes or using hollowed out boots.  Many claim to simply have forgotten they are carrying the weapons.

Full body scanners are being credited for catching much of the contraband, including ceramic knives which metal detectors don’t show, and exotic pets strapped to a passenger’s legs.

Other forbidden items that passengers have hidden in carry-on bags include spear guns, utility knives, and a baton with an 18 inch double edged dagger concealed inside.  The motivation for such actions is hard to understand given that it the vast majority of cases the passengers had no intention of using the secreted weapons onboard the plane.

The Transportation Security Administration is so confident about it screening process that it plans to continue to expand its Pre-Check program, which allows passengers who submit information about themselves in advance to get expedited airport screening.  Often passengers in this program do not have to take off their shoes, or remove laptop computers and liquids from their carry-ons.  The program is currently in place in nine airports and expected to be expanded to 45 by the end of this year.

Soon, active duty military personnel carrying their valid ID card will receive expedited screening treatment, starting with departures at Regan National Airport.

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