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Shanghai Film Park is located in Shanghai Songjiang District, represents the beginning of the last century classic scene in Shanghai and construction. Nanjing Road, Sincere Department Store, the Moller Villa, the old Song, Xujiahui Catholic Church and the tram, even the telephone booth are full of old Shanghai style, which take people back to that materialistic age. 

Shanghai Film Park is situated in Shanghai Songjiang District,Guest Posting signifies the start of the final century classic scene in Shanghai and construction. Nanjing Road, Sincere Mall, the Moller Rental property, that old Song, Xujiahui Catholic Chapel and also the tram, the telephone booth are filled with old Shanghai style, which take people to that materialistic age.Shanghai Film Park tour is invested by Shanghai Film Group Corpration, Shanghai Film Shooting Base ( also known as Shanghai Film Park ) is made being an ideal spot for shooting, sightseeing and culture communication. If you have been different moments around the block, for example "Nanjing Road within the 30's","Shanghai traditional houses", "Downtown Shanghai in old occasions", "European style architecture", "Suzhou Creek", "Chapel", "Peace Plaza", "Old Shanghai bridge", "Lake and mountain area", large soundstages, costume and prop ware-house, film library, screening rooms. Additionally, you will find many points of interest here, for example trolley, Exhibition of SFS Costumes & Props Selection, racecourse, old Shanghai street show, to title only a couple of. Shanghai Film Shooting Is made of not o-nly a best option for production deck hands and vacationers, but an ideal educational spot for teens too.Using its distinctive Old Shanghai sceneries, solid culture background quality facilities, Shanghai Film Shooting Base greatly appreciate the existence of all of the filmmakers and vacationers.The Shanghai Film Group produces lots of movies and television shows proven in China, plus they needed in the past accurate takes hold which to create realistic productions. Old structures and plenty within the Songjiang District in north western Shanghai were converted into a media production park that is another tourist attraction. It's kind of just like a Universal Galleries in California or Hollywood, but it's much less ritzy and the majority less as an theme park. However, vacationers can walk around around the sets watching productions being shot, plus they may also playact and pose within the sets. Lots of vacationers prefer to shot pictures or videos around the sets, plus they can cause with old props for example early twentieth century phone cubicles or automobiles or rickshaws. If you are looking at media production or Chinese movies and television shows, this can be a Shanghai area highlight for you personally.In media production park, the Shanghai Film Group made various sets. Some sets portray a metropolitan street in China within the nineteen thirties filled with cobblestones and inlaid tram tracks and building fronts. Other sets appears like a mountain scene, a Christian chapel building, a rural village and structures in China. The mockup of Nanjing Road of Shanghai from the nineteen thirties is large and somewhat accurate. There's a genuine canal there, and you will find lots of props. You will find lots of cars that appear to be like early twentieth century automobiles, but I don't know whether or not they are actual antiques or simply models, or whether or not they really run. But people can cause together and even perhaps sit inside them for pictures and also to playact in their own individual videos.Many people prefer to take pictures making videos using their cameras and mobile phones. They pose and playact. Imagine surprising your buddies having a picture of yourself outfitted just like a coolie and tugging your friend inside a rickshaw or speaking on the telephone within an old-style phone booth! Vacationers are fairly liberated to to take pleasure from the different sets.Or vacationers can view the shows being created and go to the points of interest. A popular Chinese historic era that's used like a setting to make movies and television shows may be the duration of japan occupation and also the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties. Lots of Chinese movies and television shows are occur this time around period. So the majority of the park is composed to appear such as the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties. You are able to most likely watch stars outfitted up like Japanese within their screen takes or acting in fight moments.Points of interest within the Shanghai Film park include wax figures of famous stars in China's film industry for example Zhou Xuan, Ruan Lingyu, Shangguan Yunzhu, and Gong Li. You will find memorabilia and shows about famous Chinese movies. You will find galleries and stages. And when you want fighting techinques movies, stars perform fighting techinques shows in the Lotte Tea House set at 10:30 and a pair of:00 pm every day. Vacationers could even have the ability to participate in the show.The Shanghai Film Park is very large with many different different old sets and unused areas. But the majority of the site visitors stay round the Nanjing Road set area. If you want, you may have the ability to question around on your own without anybody watching. If you do not like crowds, among the best reasons for the park is its relative avoid. Individuals are liberated to go wherever they need. With the couple of other site visitors travelling, it's a surreal and even perhaps eerie experience just to walk around within the sets. While you wander round the empty roads, you may seem like you are the only person left following the apocalypse. A few of the sets look so real which you may seem like you're in a real city and also have the naughty sense of trespassing. You'll be able to browse around within the back or enter structures and find out what's fake and what is not.The park fill using the film elements everywhere. In the wax figures of Zhou Xuan, Ruan Lingyu, Shangguan Yunzhu, Gong Li, along with other famous superstar, to clothing show from the film. There are also "Sunrise", "great leader" along with other classic movie moments, individuals are cut back reminiscences of classic films.Shanghai Film Park is a perfect spot for filming and sightseeing. You will find a variety of moments of Old Shanghai around the block, for example "Nanjing Road within the 30's","Shanghai traditional houses", "Downtown Shanghai in old occasions", "European style architecture", "Suzhou Creek", "Chapel", "Peace Plaza", "Old Shanghai bridge", "Lake and mountain area", large soundstages, an outfit and prop ware-house, a movie library as well as other screening rooms. Additionally, you will find is definitely an exhibition of SFS Costumes & Props Selection, that old racecourse and also the old Shanghai street.If you see old Shanghai inside a Chinese or Hong Kong movie, odds are you are searching in the Shanghai Film Park. While not as large or as the famous Hengdian galleries five hrs south where virtually every period fighting techinques movie is shot (and with a documentary about itself) Shanghai Film Park continues to be quite a impressive slab of property, with acres of old city roads recreated, seem stages and prop and costume rental houses. It's an excellent place to film, I am sure, the main problem with searching at these pictures is the fact that you may never take a look at Chinese movies set there exactly the same again. Rather than taking pleasure in the film you'll keep seeing exactly the same shots in the same angles. They are angles the architecture forces o-n filmmakers. They create sense, however when a lot of movies are shot there all of them start to look a bit exactly the same.Above is the introduction of Shanghai Film Park, hope it's helpful for you. Further information please see our Shanghai Travel Guide.

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