St. Patrick's Day Traditions

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Saint Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as the "Apostle of Ireland", he is the primary patron saint of Ireland, along with Saints Brigit and Columba. 

St. Patrick's Day is a religious and cultural event celebrated majorly in the Ireland in honour to appreciate the noble work of the Saint Patrick. The history of this day dates back to the 17th century,Guest Posting when it officially became a federal holiday in the Republic of Ireland and many other countries. Every year, 17th March is celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and several other parts of the world with great zeal. Though the day is the death anniversary of the Saint but has been recognised as a federal and cultural holiday by several Christian missionaries.

It is believed that the Saint was a holy bishop who played a major role in bringing the religion of Christianity to Ireland and making it an important part of the Irish culture. The Catholic missionaries and other religious communities commemorate it as the Feast day of Saint Patrick and initiated the Federal Government to declare it as a cultural and traditional holiday.


St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and glee throughout the Ireland and many other places, including the United States, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia and Argentina. There are different traditions followed that make the event a grand affair, a few of them include:

  1. Parades: Parades are an important part of the felicitations of the St. Patrick’s Day. People from various regions, communities and places take part in the parades wearing different costumes and performing various activities to make the celebrations memorable. The celebrations are grand in the capital city, Dublin.
  2. Tri-Colored Costumes: The tradition of wearing the tri-colored (green, white and orange) costumes are followed by the people of the Ireland. In some parts, children even dress up in the tri-colored costumes and color their faces with the same as well.
  3. 4-Day Celebration in Dublin: Dublin celebrates this religious event for 4 days and witnesses visitors from all over the globe. Parades, live music performances, open air theatres, traditional dances and bagpipe bands are the part of these celebrations.
  4. The Shamrock tradition: A shamrock is another aspect of the traditions that are being followed during this event. Wearing a green shamrock is considered to be good as it symbolises peace and happens to be the attire of St. Patrick.
  5. Sharing Corned Beef: The tradition of sharing corned beef is followed from the 17th Each year, thousands of Irish Americans gather and share food to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day. It is majorly followed in the New York City and all the Irish people celebrate it whole heartedly.

St. Patrick’s Day is an important event in the history and culture too. People from all over the globe fly to Ireland to watch the celebrations. Visit Ireland and see the historic celebrations by browsing cheap flights. Great discounts can be availed by booking flights through several online sources.

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