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If you are travelling with your kids in a Stockholm campervan,Guest Posting they will love to see the Stockholm Zoo. Skansen Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in Sweden. It is located in Stockholm and is known for keeping the largest variety of native and imported animals that come from different parts of the globe. Cast aside any thoughts of animal mistreatment in the Skansen Zoo as the animals that are kept there are well-taken care of in terms of space, food, health and the animals’ social interaction with their own species.


There are six sections for the animals: Wild Nordic animals; Swedish Native Breeds; Domesticated Animals; Wild Exotic Animals; Animals in the wild and the Aquarium.


The Nordic animals have been a part of Nordic tales and legends and real people as well. Located at the upper part of the Skansen zoo the Nordic animals are the brown bears, wolves, wolverine, moose, lynx, wild boar, red fox, European bison, seal, different species of owl and otter. The brown bear is the largest known predator in Sweden though in the zoo the bear cubs are best known for their playfulness. There are two types of seals and three types of owls housed at the zoo. As part of the Zoo’s program, feeding time for the owls and seals are posted as events for zoo visitors to watch.


The Swedish Native breeds are actually domesticated native breed animals that have adapted to sparse pasture. These native breeds are tough and quite resistant to some known animal diseases. Such animals are the Gotland pony and sheep, mountain cattle, Hedemora hen, Jämtland goat, Linderöd pig, some goose and other variety of hens. The mountain cow is interesting as it can remember the voice of its master even after years of separation.


Domesticated animals at the zoo are not exactly all native breeds to Sweden but are imports from other countries. The most famous of all are the reindeers. The Ardennes draft horse is a sturdy, hard and tough breed. The Norwegian pony is the purest and oldest breed of horse. The Shetland pony is a very strong miniature horse. Other animals in this area are the peacock, African pygmé goat and Leicester sheep. It would have been interesting to go on an RV trip in Stockholm and actually come face to face with any of these domesticated animals.


A very popular section in the zoo is the “Our Africa” area where wild exotic animals are housed. The Colobus monkey and Crowned Crane are the only two residents here at the moment. The Colobus monkey is born snowy white but its fur gradually darkens as it ages.


In the zoo are some wild animals native to Scansion. Some of these are the grey heron, Barnacle goose and squirrels. In the spring small birds arrive at the zoo searching for breeding grounds. The Skansen Aquarium and the World of Monkeys have about 200 species, exotic and native. Zoo visitors are allowed to interact with some of the animals.


A renovated and revamped Lil Skansen will reopen in the winter of 2012. Lil Skansen is intended for children as sort of a petting zoo and will be open all-year round.

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Lil Skansen is intended for children as sort of a petting zoo and will be open all-year round, and if you are travelling in a Stockholm campervan, they will love to see it!

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