Surfers’ Favourite Beaches in Barcelona

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Travel from Lloret de Mar to Barcelona’s beaches for a day of surfing, before heading back from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar in time for dinner.

Barcelona may be known as the centre of Catalan culture,Guest Posting art, architecture and lively street life, but it is also a major surfing spot popular with locals and visitors alike.

It’s actually quite simple to get to Barcelona from Lloret de Mar for a day of surfing the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Traveling back from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar at the end of the day is just as easy, and will have you back in Europe’s most famous beach resort town in time for dinner.

Surf’s Up in Barcelona

Home to several great beaches during surf season (October to April), the beaches in and around Barcelona have something to offer surfers at every skill level. Temperatures during surf season are usually somewhere between 5°C – 20°C and the water is between 12°C - 21°C with lots of sunny days to enjoy the sand and waves. Surfboards and wet suits can be rented at various surf shops throughout Barcelona and sunscreen is also highly recommended.

Following are a number of surfing destinations in and around Barcelona you may want to consider.

La Caleta

Located northeast of Barcelona in El Masnou, La Caleta is located a ten minute car ride or a 20 minute train ride from Barcelona. As one of the most popular surfing spots on the Maresme coast, La Caleta presents surfers with strong, north-easterly waves that can reach from 0.5m to 1.5m high.

El Masnou

Another good surfing area in El Masnou is in Masnou Village. Sheltered from the wind, Masnou Village is located northeast of Barcelona and is an ideal place to ride the waves on windy days when surfing at other nearby beaches is impossible. This beach is also easy to get to by car or train.


Located southwest of Barcelona in Sitges, Aiguadolc beach is where you’ll find big, south and south-easterly waves, perfect for longboarders. Riding the surf from shore can be difficult, so most people start from the break wall at the harbour. The area is also accessible by bus, car or foot, with parking available right on the beach. And if you need a break from surfing, sunbeds, umbrellas and even a yacht can be rented here!


Another spot located in Sitges is Cemetery beach, named after the local cemetery and a favourite among Catalan longboarders. Cemetery beach breaks at the entrance of Sitges port with strong northeast, east and south-easterly waves, and can be reached by car or train.


If you’d rather stay close to the city, Barceloneta beach may be your best option. Located in the city of Barcelona, Barceloneta beach is the birthplace of Catalan surfing and offers surfers easterly swells. Because of its central location and easy accessibility, it is also a popular location for surfers of all skill levels.

Getting to Barcelona

There are a few options to choose from to travel from Lloret de Mar to Barcelona. Public buses run between Lloret de Mar and Barcelona’s airport on a regular basis throughout the day and the journey takes about two hours. You may want to confirm the schedule for the ride back from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar at the end of the day to ensure you don’t miss the last bus. From Barcelona airport a private shuttle service can take you to any of the surfing locations for an amazing day full of sun, sand and waves.

Trains do not run the full length between the two cities but you have the option of catching a bus to Blanes about 8km south of Lloret de Mar, and transferring to a train for the duration of the trip, which gets you into the Barcelona Sants station. Travel time is also approximately two hours, pretty much the same as taking a direct bus from Lloret de Mar.

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