Swimming With Dolphins: An Aquatic Adventure

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Swimming with dolphins -- the most dynamic, beautiful, and highly intelligent mammals of the sea -- is rapidly becoming a very popular activity around the world. Those who have had close and intimate ...

Researchers say dolphin swims boost the human immune system and help psychological well-being. Swimming with dolphins induces states of expanded consciousness such as those found during meditation or transcendental states of being. This brings feelings of deep peace,Guest Posting relaxation, and heightened sense of well-being.

There are two options for swimming with the dolphins - a captive dolphin swim experience and a wild dolphin interaction.

Captive facilities range from centers offering dolphin-assisted therapy programs and public dolphin swims, to resorts and theme parks. Most captive dolphins are bottlenose dolphins, which when in the wild, are typically very shy and wary of humans. Captive dolphins are trained to perform stunts, and to interact with humans.

Swimming with wild dolphins means you meet them on their turf. Your experience will totally depend on their choice of how, when, and how long they will have an intimate experience with you. Wild dolphins actually do come to swim with people.

There is a very clear wild dolphin swim protocol for participants, which does not allow touching, feeding, or any kind of aggressive swimming or boating around them.

You don’t have to be an excellent swimmer to be able to have close encounter with the dolphins. There are programs available for all levels of ability and for all ages. For those not confident enough to venture into deep water, there are programs that allow you to swim with the dolphins in shallow waters.

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