The Big Boys Toys Super Show – Utmost Excitement for the daring Thrill Seekers

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Acclaimed as the biggest exhibition in the Middle East, The Big Boys Toys Super Show was a major attraction in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition was held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and was divided into seven segments from Off-road to Marine and Aviation. The centrepiece of the event was Maxximus G-Force, three times world record breaker and the fastest street legal supercar in the world.

Abu Dhabi,Guest Posting the capital of United Arab Emirates, is the country’s commercial and cultural hub. Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi is not complete without taking a ride along the six kilometre long boulevard known as the Corniche. The striking skyline of the city, lush gardens, refreshing fountains all flanked by sandy beaches extend a warm welcome to Abu Dhabi visitors.

For those who seek a laidback holiday, Abu Dhabi offers great sightseeing spots like the Al Hosn Palace, the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. Whereas dune bashing and camel safaris are exclusively for those who crave for adventures and adrenaline rushes.

Among the latest additions to its attraction list tops a one that has set sights on mainly the male tourists. This is the biggest interactive exhibition in the Middle East titled as The Big Boys Toys Super Show. The latest exhibition was held from 30th April to second May in 2009.

The venue for this large scale event was Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, one of the most contemporary exhibition spaces in the world. Launched in February 2007 the centre has drawn millions of visitors with its local and international exhibitions. Presently it is the biggest exhibition venue in Middle East and houses about 12 interconnected halls.

The Big Boys Toys Super Show in Abu Dhabi was categorized into several themed zones. They include Off-road, Ride, Marine, Aviation, Drive, Wired and Lifestyle. They weren’t your usual exhibits but the cream of the world’s top brand models, much favoured and admired by luminaries from sports to cinema.

Among the highlights at the Drive zone was the most sought after Maxximus G-Force, the fastest street legal supercar in the world. In fact this sleek car with its ultra modern design is a celebrity in its own world, boasting to be a triple world record breaker. This section also featured other alluring sports cars, appealing to distinct tastes and requirements of sports drivers from all corners of the world.

The latest dune buggies that can trek all terrains were featured at the Off-road zone. Jet boats and cruisers grabbed the spotlight at the Marine segment. The host of choices showcased at the Ride zone was good enough to entrance all bikers. The Aviation zone was packed with an array of crafts ranging from hang gliders to remote controlled air crafts. Whereas the Lifestyle segment featured the styles in vogue displaying designer watches, clothing, fitness equipments and much more.

The Big Boys Toys Super Show was an impressive large scale exhibition that drew a lot of attention from across the globe into the city of Abu Dhabi. The city welcomed thousands of visitors who were privileged to witness the planet’s best models representing multiple spheres, during those eventful three days.

Just as The Big Boys Toys Super Show was hosted, its venue Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre boasts of an interesting line up of large scale exhibitions. So don’t forget to drop by this venue during your stay in Abu Dhabi, as you might stumble upon something extraordinary. Try one of the top luxury Abu Dhabi hotels with quick links to the city centre, like The Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi snuggled in the striking backdrops of Corniche. Resting close to the business district and shopping hotspots in Abu Dhabi this elegant hotel is surrounded by scenic vistas, making it an excellent retreat.

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