The Peetal Nagri- the city of Moradabad

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Famous for brass and copper, Moradabad is a booming tourist spot in India. Moradabad is well-connected to the major cities of India. Here is a short description of the place.


Situated on the banks of Ramganga,Guest Posting a tributary of River Ganga, Moradabad is known as the Pital Nagri (Brass City). Moradabad, a city of Uttar Pradesh, was established in 1625 AD by Rustam Khan. Moradabad adopted its name from Prince Murad Baksh, the son of Shah Jahan. The city stands on an average elevation of 286 meters above sea level. Famous for its brassware industry, Moradabad today has trade relation with foreign nations. This brassware industry was actually founded by Mohammed Yar Khan, who migrated from Afghanistan in the 1860s.The city is also counted among the top five copper producers and exporters in the world. Even its handicrafts alone accounts for 40 % of India’s export. Moradabad is growing fast and it is well-connected to other cities of the country. As the city also witnesses business travellers, cheap hotels in Moradabad are available throughout the year.


Being a booming tourist destination, there are only a few places to visit in Moradabad but they are enough to satisfy a comfortable accommodation for your 2 days weekend trip. The city is only 167 km from Delhi. And it is well-connected via road and rail with Delhi and Uttarakhand . Thus, visiting Moradabad is not a hectic affair. Even there are government buses and private Volvos running between the states. Moradabad airport is under construction, as of now Patnagar Domestic Airport (86 km) is the nearest one and Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is about 178 km from the city centre. Moradabad railway station is one of the major railway stations of our country. And if one wants to stay in the vicinity of the railway station, they can check the Moradabad hotel lists.


Popular places to visit in this Pital Nagri:

Sai Temple: Located around the Shri Sai Karuna Dham, the temple welcomes everyone. It is believed Sai Baba used to have supernatural power and healing potential. Sai Temple is a popular pilgrimage centre.


Raza Library is a perfect place for book lovers and history buffs. This library was built in late 18th century and houses manuscripts and specimens of Islamic Calligraphy. Raza library is a heritage site. And it is a must-visit spot in Moradabad.

Jama Masjid: located in Baqipur village of Moradabad district, it was constructed by Rustam Khan for the Mughal Emperor.

Pataleshwar Temple: The temple is located in a small village of Sadatbadi which is 6 km away from Bahjoi. Lord Shiva is worshipped here. This temple is very famous one and you cannot afford to miss the atmosphere surrounding the village and the temple.

People who are on a budget trip can check some cheap hotels in Moradabad. Dwellers of Moradabad mostly believe in Muslim religious. However, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English are most common languages used here. Moradabad also offers an excursion to some nearby places; Almora, Aligarh, Rajaji National Park and Haridwar are very popular in the list.


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