Three Best Ways to Enjoy An Eventful Day in Brisbane

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From boarding a Kookaburra Cruise in the Brisbane River to climbing the summit of the Story Bridge, here are some fun activities in Brisbane.

Brisbane is right there with Sydney and Melbourne when it comes to the diversity and attractions it offers to its visitors. The capital of Queensland is centred along the Brisbane River and is also the third most populated city in Australia. The sun-soaked setting and the diversity of lifestyle offered here makes it one of the best places to live on Earth. Housing a number of attractions like the Story Bridge,Guest Posting Wheel of Brisbane and so on, there are many ways you can enjoy the youthful charm of the city. Here lies some of the few locations and activities you could give a try if you're visiting the capital for the first time.


Brisbane River Cruises


Flowing through the heart of the capital is the longest river in South-East Queensland, The Brisbane River. It goes under the famous Story Bridge and a few other bridges as well before emptying into the Coral Sea on Moreton Bay. The best way to experience the city’s skyline and its natural landscapes is to board one of the Kookaburra Showboat Cruises. These magnificent cruises offer you toothsome dishes and other refreshments during your cruise whilst providing you with an opportunity to enjoy the unique sights of the inner city. Offering a remarkable cruise experience with a friendly staff and plenty of photo opportunities, the Kookaburra Cruises would be the ideal choice for you to enjoy the beauty of Brisbane from a different perspective. This well-established cruise operator guarantees you with the best of everything you need for a perfect cruise experience along with a perfect overview of the city so hop on one of the vessels and enjoy a pleasant day on the waters.


Story Bridge Adventure Climb


You may have already heard about the Story Bridge in Brisbane if you've been hanging around here for some time. But did you know that you can actually climb it as well? This heritage-listed bridge spanning over the Brisbane River offers an adventure climb that lets you take in 360° panoramic views of Brisbane and its precincts. The uniqueness of this climb is the option to abseil your descent which may arguably be the highlight of the climb. Anyone above the age of 10 can take up this two-hour climb which will take you more than 80 metres above the Brisbane River, offering uninterrupted views of the city. Pump your adrenaline for this one and if it's a night climb, get ready to soak in the glittering lights of Brisbane from above, a great opportunity to capture excellent photographs, although these are to be purchased afterwards. The climb starts at base camp after a brief set of instructions and warm-up routines provided by the staff and once you start to ascend you will be instilled with knowledge about the rich history of the bridge and Brisbane via a recorded commentary. You are constantly under the radar of expert guides who will provide you with utmost care and guidance, letting you enjoy a safe and stress-free experience. So don't pass this opportunity to conquer your inner fears, climb this iconic landmark and feel the bliss waiting for you on the other side.


One Day Vacation at Moreton Island


Moreton Island is home to some of the iconic beaches off the coast of Brisbane, with many being labelled as some of the top beaches in Queensland. Housing one of the world’s largest sand dunes and 98 percent of the island designated as national park, Moreton Island is one of Queensland's best kept secrets until now. A day spent here will be memorable for you and your family for years to come with numerous activities like diving, snorkelling, feeding wild dolphins, quad biking, sea kayaking and much more to keep you entertained throughout your visit.


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