Top 20 Bucket List Ideas for Families

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Hello Everyone !! Hope you guys are Safe at your place. Sometime each of us definitely heard about the term "Bucket List". Today we are sharing some ideas or hacks about "Bucket list ideas for families"

So before i start telling you the ideas,Guest Posting We have to discover the knowledge about Bucket list like an overview, that what exactly it is ? Is it necessary to have that list ? Types of bucket list ? So lets start with the most frequently asked questions by people.       Q) What is Bucket list ?  Bucket list is just like a desire that you want to complete in your life, Enjoy every moment of that every bit in life which is very precious experience for you that you want to fullfill. In lay man language we can also say that the things we dreamt in our whole life is now we have to finish.      Q) Is it necessary to have bucket list in life ?  Look, there is nothing being wrong if you don't have this list, but like a business plan in life you should arrange some goals to set for your whole life. This is also an experience to test your abilities. This is the simplest way to answer your  questions by yourself.    No one wants to only earn in life.  The basic thought is to earn and spend in the same way, we all know death has no calender so before dying lets fullfill our dreams, We should do the activities or anything which gives us some sort of amazing experience,  that we want for our satisfaction.    It could be anything like :-  

  • Bunjee jumping: Take a dip of death in front your eyes.
  • Climbing mountain for self satisfaction (with friends or team)
  • Scuba dive : To explore the underwater world. 
  Q) Types of bucket list ? Now, There are bucket list for every field not only for travelling, (doing an ice bucket challenge or desire for a range rover) these are also the ideas when you consider about bucket list.    In simple anything that you want in your life to make your life happening but for any reason you can't puchase that now or you can't afford it now, Then you placed that object (Whatever it could be) into your bucket list thinking for that one day when you will finaly complete this and give a check on that point is also a part of bucket list.   In travel field there are generally 3 types of list are there :-   1) Solo traveller bucket list :- Many travellers like to explore some historical places or anything alone oftenly. So anything they are exploring they have their mindset that i have to explore this place for my satisfaction on my own. for capturing moments and post it on social platforms is alo somewhere everyone's mind, some examples for solo travellers of checklist are:- Bird feeding, Go for a jet skiing and walk on a beach at night.
2) Couple's bucket list :- This is funny but true at the same time, that in this situation right now you are not meeting your loved ones or if you are with them then you cannot enjoy anything right now because of this covid-19, but you have to make some ideas after lockdown of travelling, so some of your bucket list examples are:- Explore the romantic gateway near by you, Go to any restro bar and sing the sappiest song together and Never miss a moment for a long ride.   3) Families bucket list:- Ofcourse, we shared the ideas about every type of traveller in the world then how can we forget about the families. When it comes to bucket list then people think there are not even a single thing that you can make interesting unless you discover some museum with your kids. This is one of the biggest misconception people have, you can also enjoy in small moments even with your kids. Although we are explaining about this  topic in detail below but for now some certain examples are:- Bake cookies, Go for camping and enjoy at beach while making a sand home.   What is Family bucket list ?  As we mention above, you can also enjoy your small moments with your family and make that experience amazing for everyone.   Today in this situation you can't go anywhere out of the country and for an year this situation will not going to be okay, so when govt will open this lockdown so then you can get a check in your list by  discovering some places, near by you and your country.    Basically I tried to share some top 20 ideas where you can get the amazing experience wherever you are in your country.     Top 20 Bucket List Ideas For Families    We are sharing some ideas which are flexible for everyone and for every country. We are not targetting USA or India or any other country for this list, you only have to explore within your country. 20 Bucket list ideas for travelling bucket list for families are:-      1) On a road trip : This is one of the great experience in checklist . As we discussed earlier, after lockdown people will give more priority to road trips. If you hire a car for an excursion trip with your family, then evry moment is somewhere special for your family. Where you can experience:  If you live in New delhi, India. You can hire a car from delhi to agra via yamuna expressway.        2) Travel Tea garden : Sitting aside a garden with your family is always been happy for everyone, but especially when you are around tea garden or something that view gives you tranquility. Where you can experience: Living in kenya ? Then watch out kiambethu tea farm.       3) Plant a garden : Here you don't need to explore anything you just have to find the place near by home and start gardening by planting a bunch of seeds of the flowers.  Where you can experience: You can start this at your home, basically this is a fun where all the members of the family engage in this activity.     4) Snorkelling: One of the marvelous dive in the deep sea water where your kids also watch the underwater world. All you need to be careful that your kids will be more than 5 for this activity.  Where you can experience: The best experience of snorkelling is on the any jamaican islands you can get.       5) Watch Sunrise : You are on the top of any mountain and watching sunrise with your family while holding your kids, Don't you think that this is a check for your to do list ? Indeed this will probably be one of the unforgettable moment for your family.  Where you can experience: If you live somewhere around east africa then please explore Mount kilimanjaro.  
6) Visit Zoo : Intellectual knowledge for your kids, make them discover themselves, with the basic part of zoo, where instead of lion they will see other animals which will be a great experience for them as well as for you. Where you can experience: Living in US ? How you forget to visit the Omaha zoo, Nebraska with your family.     7) Go For fishing : You might know  the process of fishing or might not but it is always be an incredible activity. Cause while you are with kids and they are watching this then if you catch any of the fish, then that expressions, that happiness and peace which you will can't find it anywhere else. Where you can experience: Azores, portugal here you find many people doing fishing.     8) Host a Bonfire : You will find it interesting when you are doing camping and at night then you blow some natural lights, you can also do this in winters near your house, where you can call your friends and their families. Where you can experience: You can light it anywhere, better if you are on a hill station.     9) Bird Feeding : Unsalted peanuts, boiled potato, cookies, pasta etc. These are some of the foods which you can feed to the birds. Watching them eat while your kids feeding them is the satisfactory moment for yourself these are the good habits that you should always taught your kids. It is good to have them in the nature, then it is your responsibility to feed them to always make our locality, parks, street, city beautiful. Where you can experience: Anywhere outside your house, empty place in park, while sitting somewhere and watching bunch of birds are coming then just add some food.     10) Visit a water park : Enjoy some thrilling rides with your family and overcome the fear of heights. Must visit place, if you want a check on on your family bucket list. Where you can experience: Living in spain, then must visite siam park. This water park has amazing rides to scare you also it is awarded as the no 1 on trip advisor.     11) Bath with an elephant : What can you do more interesting here the elephant is showering water on you and you are on the back of that animal feeling amazing, one of the checkpoint for a bucket list. Where you can experience: As it is not ethical in many countries but there are few who can give you this blossom experience like kerela, India or Phuket, Thailand.     12) Go for camping : Enjoy anywhere you are, you  just have to  take a small vacation with your family and see how this camping works comfortably for your family with some thrill. Where you can experience: Mount cook national park, New zealand. Enjoy some camping sessions who are living there.     13) Playing indoor games : You will never realise but these small gaming session at your homes with your family always have a great memory ahead in future, try to spend some time with your loved ones. If you took a leave for a whole day in a while, then your boss will not fire you from job. Where you can experience: Ofcourse, at your home.      14) Family Photoshoot : Also one of the point to check in your list is to have a professional photoshoot of your family and hang it on the wall. Where you can experience: Call any professional photographer to shoot a collage of your family.     15) Go for Swimming: Unforgettable moment for your family when you all are playing inside the pool, you can also make a small tub pool at your home to enjoy.   Where you can experience: If you are going in pool then you should see firstly about the place you are going with all the hygiene systems there, otherwise you can make it at your home.     16) Tell stories to your kids : if you want to form a family and make them happy, then you have to do the things which make them happy and to make your kids happy before they sleep you should tell stories from books, when they grown up to 10-12 then share your experience, like when you are a kid then how good or bad are you in study etc. Where you can experience: At your home.     17) Relax all day while exploring : If you are travelling somewhere with your family then try to keep one day free always where you all can relax, charge your energy from out of hustle and each one give the views the place they like or a worthless place they visited, do not try to pretend like a bagpacker where you going all the day alone, they all need rest, sharing some thoughts between your family is also going to be a great moment to check it on bucket list. Where you can experience: Keep this in mind while you travelling anywhere.       18) Keep birds, then blow them away : Biggest point to check, while making your kids aware, that how birds are not free when they are trapped and raise them in front of your kids after sometime free them. This is the amazing feeling when your kids see that how they eagerly waiting for there freedom. Where you can experience: Set up a cage at your home then get small birds from market after raising them for an year give them freedom.     19) Eat a Watermelon : While spending sometime with your family eat a watermelon of big size with them and watching your kids while they are throwing seeds out of their mouth is a true fun.   Where you can experience: Ofcourse at your home.     20) Fly kite with your family: Enjoy a kite session with your family. Not for any festival, try to fly on any location on any random day. Amazing feel to watch, when your kite above on the top of building, offices and everything. Definitely a point to check in bucket list. Where you can experience: At your home, while you are travelling, On any festival .       Note:- The points which are mentioned in this list are most of the on that you can try at your home. You don't have to go anywhere (except your country) the term i used where you can experience is trying to explain the best experience of this activity in the world. As i mentioned you can experience this at your home also (except the travelling part).


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