Top 5 Beach Sports To Try During a Trip to Goa

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This article plans to give the readers a look into the popular adventure sports available in Goa and its beaches. Read on to find what thrills await you in India’s beach capital.

Goa,Guest Posting the beach capital of the country, with its 4 dozen beaches can definitely make any sport lover rub his hands in glee. India has been quite behind most other nations when it comes to water sports. Even though our country has so many beachside destinations, yet the development of water sports is of recent origin and is still to find feet in several seaside locales. Goa, however, begs to differ and presents a hugely eclectic variety of adventure games to choose from. These sports differ in magnitude, risks and thrills. Some are exceedingly thrilling and may come with greater risk or may be more youth-centric in nature. On the other hand, some may be quieter and somber with no risk. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Your holiday in Goa should inevitably include some water sports and these are the ones which are the most popular:

Parasailing: Parasailing has already become extremely popular in the western countries and it is getting bigger in India as well. The youths of today crave for something stimulating and thrilling like bungee jumping, scuba diving or parasailing. While bungee jumping or scuba diving may require some guts (since people having phobia of heights and depths may not take it up), but parasailing is relatively less scary.

Wind Surfing: Wind surfing is very enjoyable and is a firm favorite with many youths. Goa’s beaches offer wind surfing facilities with full protection and safety. It is not a very risky sport, and is highly dependent on the weather conditions. If the wind is very calm, then you may not be able to do it. So, beaches like Dona Paula which are quite windy make for perfect escapades.

Dinghy Sailing: If age or fear does not permit you to try wind surfing, then you can opt for its quieter cousin ‘dinghy sailing’. Participants are seated in small groups over dinghies and are taken for a memorable sail on the sea. People of all ages can savor its pleasures.

Scuba Diving: Goa tour packages also give you the chance to try extreme sport. And when it comes to seaside activities, then there is nothing more extreme than scuba diving. Scuba diving has become very popular in recent years. And with many Bollywood films like ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ showing a glimpse into this sport, it is getting accepted by the Indian community very fast. As a scuba diver, you are required to dive deep into the sea and then observe the underwater life. Special equipments like flippers and glasses, amongst others, are provided. This sport requires special training under the expert eye of a professional. Scuba diving is not practiced at all beaches. Some corners are selected where there is a rich coral life bubbling underneath.

Speed Boating: Speed boating is one of the simplest and most convenient sea sports. Those who do not wish to take any risk and love to live the quiet life can opt for it and savor a small journey into the sea.

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