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Oman in recent years has emerged as another one the favorite tourist destination as it has a lot to offer the tourists and visitors especially historical monuments like forts and castles in Oman. These castles and forts in Oman and the adventurous safari tours have become a big source of attraction for tourists.

The sultanate Oman is another one of the states on the Arabian Peninsula that welcome tourists and visitors from world over to the view some of the amazing sceneries that nature had to offer in this part of the world with its mystical Arab culture and Islamic traditions. Actually known for cultural tourism,Guest Posting Oman processes some of the most spectacular places for students of history and culture, like beautiful ornate mosques, castles and forts in Oman. Also the sultanate is gifted with white sandy beaches, mountains, rivers, valleys, attracting settlements, wild life, and deserts al that adds to the attraction of tourists coming to Oman. This has been one of the basic reasons why the number of tourists and visitors coming to Oman is considerably increasing every year. Numerous ancient castles and majestic forts in Oman has been a cause of major attraction to many people and especially to those who are related to the field of archeology and not just archeologists but even people relating to other walks of life also get inspired by these wonderfully constructed building in Oman. This is the main reason why Oman is more of a cultural tourism spot and is more of an attraction for people who get inspired by mega ancient construction.

These cultural and historical forts and castles in Oman were constructed several thousand years ago and are considered among some of the most significant chronological monuments the world has ever had. The number of such monuments in Oman goes above one thousand as they can be found all over Oman. The ruling government has also done very well for preservation and restoration of these historical buildings that vary from walls, towers, markets, gates, forts, and castles. Some of the famous forts and castles in Oman that most people like to visit include Nizwa Fort, Jibrin Fort, Bahla Fort, Nakhal Castle, Al Hazm Fort, Mirbat Castle, Al Mintrib Fort, Khassab Fort, Al Khandaq Castle, Sohar Fort, and a few more. The architectural design of these historical forts and castles with its weight and considering the time it was built in clearly shows that the people living here were well aware of building techniques long ago.

The deserts of Oman are spread far and wide starting from the warm waters at Wahiba with spectacular and amazing photographable golden sand dunes, to the rock-strewn rough terrain of Jiddat Al Harasis in the center of Oman. Tourists and visitors who love the adrenalin fun and adventure of the desert safari, tour Oman as it hosts some of the most adventurous safari tours with safari tour organizers like Bediyah safari, Arabian Experience, Wahiba sands, and many more. Safari tours in Oman come with a complete package of luxury tent houses, camel riding, enjoying the desert landscape and then bonfire and Bar BQ at night in the desert. This is why the desert safari in Oman is a cause of great attraction for tourists and visitors and many people who want to get away form their bust routine schedule plan an adventurous trip to Oman.

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