Visa and Passport: The Most Essential

Nov 30


Vivek Kuriyal

Vivek Kuriyal

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Obviously visa and passport are the most integral part of your journey. In fact, this is the most important aspect of which one must be knowledgeable in order to embark on a foreign tour. The two small yet the most worthwhile documents decide the fate of your touring a particular destination in the world. Every country has different norms on issuing the visa to the visitors from different countries. However, some of the steps are common in order to obtain a visa for a specific country.

Of course,Visa and Passport: The Most Essential Articles Romania is no exception to all these facts. The foreign citizens willing to go on a tour of Romania can obtain visa from the Romanian embassy or consulate. However, the short-term visitors and citizens of the countries that concluded with Romania agreements concerning abolition of visas are not entitled for obtaining the same through this channel. Citizens of EU and NATO member states are eligible to get the visa at the border. Australian, Japanese, Israeli and Swiss people, too, have the privilege to obtain the visa at the border. The process of application is quite simple. An aspirant simply needs to apply personally to any Romanian Embassy or Consulate. And the applicant might need to turn up again at the embassy after 2 to 30 days to collect his or her visa. Visa can be issued for single and multiple entries. Of course, a valid document recognized by Romanian State like passport is needed to obtain the visa for this country. Types of visa and passport Romania , fees the eligible states could be found on the official site of Romania on the Internet.

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