Wander Argentina by Horseback in Bariloche

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Discover how to include horseback riding into your Bariloche itinerary on your next trip to Argentina.

Horseback riding plays a major role in the history,Guest Posting economy and folklore of Argentina. The Argentine gaucho is as picturesque as the American cowboy, but while the classic cowboy of the American west is a dying breed, the traditional life of the gaucho is very much alive. The variety of landscapes and areas of outstanding natural beauty serves as the perfect backdrop for horseback riding excursions. Trail rides will take you through an extremely dramatic varied terrain, from rocky snowy mountains through bamboo and beech forests to the Patagonian steppes, with a variety of flora and fauna giving you fantastic views of Bariloche and the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Horseback riding trips found in Bariloche are usually suitable for all abilities and ages making it a great activity not only for horse and nature lovers, also for families. These following considerations should be kept in mind when planning your next horseback riding vacation to Argentina.  

Located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park is the luxurious Estancia Peuma Hue hotel where some of the best riding in Bariloche can be found. This location is the ideal place to explore the surrounding areas as it is full of charm all year round. Fall gifts striking colors ranging from yellow to dark burgundy and pine trees cover the mountains in a coat of red. The melting snow and fasting running waters are the delight of river runners in spring. Summer offers a splendor of wildlife for all to see. Take one of their horseback riding tours starting at the beautiful Estancia Peuma Hue on the head of Lago Gutiérrez riding peacefully on one of their fine horses through the beauty and grandeur of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Day-long rides or longer rides to Pampa Linda across the border into Chile. When you get back from a long day of riding you can enjoy homemade, comforting meal featuring vegetables from their organic garden. Or relax your muscles by getting a massage or taking a class of yoga, Tai Chi or meditation. They also offer tango lessons and concerts at the Temple where you can enjoy Classic, Celtic or Andean music.

Situated on the shores of the Limay River, 50 km from Bariloche city and surrounded by pine forests and stunning views of the Andes lies the unique place, Rancho Limay that is ideal for horseback riding. This horse trek will take you across streams, up mountains and along the Enchanted Valley. Their log cabin lodge accommodates up to 10 people is entirely handcrafted utilizing nearby wood giving it a cozy and homey feel.  Local expert guides lead guests who wish to go out exploring the area by horseback and will instruct them about all of the aspects of horseback riding. The best aspect of the Rancho Limay horseback excursion in Bariloche is the fact that the guides give you freedom how you want your trek to be. There is no rope or slow pace if you don’t want there to be. Depending on your ability and experience, the guides will carefully choose your route and you will ultimately decide where to go.

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