What To Bring From Dominican Republic?

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Unique nature of Dominican Republic and exquisite national culture attract more and more tourists. Check out what are the best things to bring from this country and delight your friends!

Dominican Republic is getting more popular and available travel destination these days. Numerous airlines establish direct flights to Santo Domingo,Guest Posting as well as the number of hotels and resorts around increases. Nevertheless, this destination has a lot to show and to amaze with, starting with marvelous beaches and surrounding beauty of Caribbean tropics. Furthermore, there are plenty things one can buy much cheaper than it is exported abroad and some items are known for their raciness and exquisite nature. In this case, if going to Dominican Republic, one should learn what things are really worth buying and bringing from vacation.

South American and Caribbean Islands, including Dominican Republic, are historic manufacturers of coffee. Original coffee from Dominican Republic might become a nice thing to present to your friends and relatives. Experienced travelers recommend taking Santo Domingo - a famous local coffee, which is the third in the world for quality. At the same time, except of the coffee, you can also get a local recipe and cook it. To do this, water is boiled in a small metal container, sometimes with an addition of nutmeg or cloves; the second step is to put the pre-ground coffee and quickly filter the drink through a cotton strainer.

The second top keepsake from Dominican Republic is, of course, cigars. It is a fact of common knowledge that this country is a number one producer of original cigars, made of first-class tobacco. One more known fact is that high-quality cigars are twisted by hand exclusively, without any use of automatic machines, as it is conducted in international tobacco companies. In addition, cigars are not smoked without taking a whiff, so even non-smokers should try a Dominican cigar. Especially, it is a must thing to do in one of the restaurants in Santo Domingo or any other resort, whereas there is a proper and cozy atmosphere. If purchasing cigars in dominical Republic, the best choice is Arturo Fuente, La Aurora, Juan Clemente, etc.

And the last, but definitely not the least, is Dominican rum, an epoch-making drink of Caribbean pirates then and high-class alcohol at present. Barcelo and Brugal brands are among the best that are recommended by locals.

The range of souvenirs also might be extended to local crafts and artworks. The most popular things to buy are sunny canvases, performed in the style of the so-called Haitian Naiv, and faceless dolls, which reflect a mix of African and Caribbean traditions of indigenous tribes, inhabiting Dominican Republic.

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