What to Pack in Your Carry-On

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While cheap airplane tickets or cheap vacation packages are ideal ways to prepare for a trip, remembering what to pack in your carry-on bag can make a difference in the quality of your flight.

Given that delays are common,Guest Posting travelers need to fly prepared, regardless of the length of their trip.  The following are things you should bring on every flight:

·      Pack essential medications and toiletries.  You don’t want to be separated from your medicine if your flight is delayed or your checked bag is lost.  Things to pack in your carry-on include prescription medications in original packaging, nasal sprays, moisturizers and lip balm. 

·      Be prepared to keep yourself entertained at the airport and while in flight.  Bring earphones if you don’t want to pay for an airline pair.  Fully charge electronic devices before departing so that you can read, watch movies, play games or listen to music.  It is smart to bring books, magazines and/or newspapers to read during takeoff and landing.

·      Bring something to eat onboard.  Also pack gum or lozenges to prevent ear popping during takeoff and landing.

·      Remember that in flight temperatures often fall and cabins can become chilly.  Pack a sweater, jacket or wrap and socks in your carry-on to stay warm.  Air travel neck pillows help sleeping during longer flights.

·      Make certain your credit card is handy.  Cash is no longer accepted by most airlines as payment for food, alcohol, entertainment and Wi-Fi.

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