Which Immigration Consultant is the best for Australia Immigration?

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There are numerous immigration consultancy in India but you have to choose best Immigration Consultant in India for fulfill basic requirements for migration to Australia. In this Article you must be met and which are issued by the Australian immigration authorities

Australia itself is a beautiful country with a strong economy. Every year,Guest Posting thousands of people apply for immigration to Australia. It is a developed country, so it is the most popular destination for immigrants, especially Indians. Settling in Australia would be a good option once you have obtained PR you can take advantage of all the benefits that the government offers to Australian citizens. Immigrants are highly considered skilled immigrants and if you are skilled and have more than 3 years of experience in the sector, you have a very good chance of obtaining a permanent visa for Australia.


To get Australian PR from India there are many options, such as


    Australia Subclass of qualified independent visa -189: -This visa is an independent point visa, it is a permanent visa that offers you to live and work in Australia permanently. It is an independent visa, so no sponsorship is required for this category of visas.


    Australian Subclass of Qualified Applicant Visa - 190: -This visa is also a permanent visa that offers the selected applicant permanent residence in Australia. This visa requires sponsorship/nomination.


    Australian Direct Entry System Subclass -186: - This is an employer-sponsored visa, you need an invitation or job offer from an Australian employer to apply for this visa.


    Australian Skilled Workers Visa Subclass - 489: - This is a point visa for skilled workers who are appointed by the state to live in an area of low population growth. This visa is valid for four years. The visa holder must work and live in a specific regional area.


Basic requirements for migration to Australia: - In order to move to Australia there are a number of requirements that must be met and which are issued by the Australian immigration authorities and are


- You must have a relevant occupation

- You must have a good command of English (IELTS required)

- He must have a minimum of three years' experience

- There is a need for a skills assessment appropriate to employment

- You must be under 45 at the time of the invitation.

- It is necessary to meet the health requirements and have health insurance

- You must have a good temper

- You must secure at least 60 points out of 100 to receive the invitation.


Check your points if you are eligible or not


If you are excellent in the above parameters, you will get a high score (over 60 points) in Skill Select. You have a good chance of getting RP in Australia.


Procedure for applying for Skill Select visa: -


First, you need to check if your occupation is on the Skill Select list. After that, submit your EOI (Expression of Interest). Request the invitation from the Australian immigration authorities. After receiving the invitation, apply for your visa. Collect all your documents to show to the visa authorities when you apply. You must submit your application within 60 days of receipt of the invitation. The processing time for this visa varies, for most applicants it is granted within 6-10 months.


There are several categories through which you can apply for an Australian PR visa:


- Skilled - Independent visa - Subclass 189

- Specialty visa - Candidate - Subclass 190

- Qualified - Sponsored (provisional) - Subclass 489

- Qualified - Appointed (provisional) - Subclass 489

- Regional Plan for Qualified Migration (RSMS)

- Employer appointment scheme (ENS)

- Visas for parents

- Visas for spouses and partners


 Check your eligibility today


To obtain all the necessary documents and apply through SkillSelect, you can ask for the assistance of your local immigration advisor, who is known to be excellent in the Australian visa and immigration process, i.e. an Immigration Consultants India is considered one of the best for Australian public relations and immigration.

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