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World Reviewer's three ways to skin a honeymoon - honeymoon travel for the novice, with travel and holiday ideas to help you create the perfect honeymoon.

The honeymoon comes in three flavours. I guess the most popular honeymoon travel revolves around romantic seclusion with your beloved - after all,Guest Posting you may have no idea who you have married, and here's the chance to find out, and some quiet days on honeymoon after the madness and stress of the wedding will be just what you need. And many a honeymoon has concluded with one or other racing back screaming 'It's all been a big mistake!' If you're still getting to know your partner and feel still a bit nervous - don't choose seclusion for a honeymoon!

The Activity Honeymoon

Then there is the activity honeymoon. This is normally booked by men (and best booked through a honeymoon travel agent, not put together by him), and is often an indicator that yes, they are scared on being alone for too long with you in case the conversation dries up or they will have to face some painful truths - so an activity honeymoon keeps everything moving along at a cracking pace, with minimal time left for reflection. Of course, there is always the chance your honeymoon beloved will cut the rope after you have leapt into the bungee void - a quick and easy way out for him, let's say, as well as you, but you can be comforted by the fact that this is rare.

The Resort Holiday Honeymoon

Then there is the resort honeymoon holiday, normally booked via a travel agent's package. Hawaii honeymoon anyone? These can often include a bit of the more secluded honeymoon travel type above, but these tend to be at the high end, so if you are on a budget (or he is), then you will end up in the Canaries or Ibiza in the Balearic Isles, with plenty of Worthington Bitter or Budweiser for him to make him feel he's still dating you (or avoiding you), and comforting international resort food to gather a few recipes for imminent use on your return. A honeymoon cruise falls into the same bracket, though with the added spice of 'accidents can happen'. Yes, this is how he expects to eat when you get back - all inclusive, four meals a day, a buffet style to break up any meaningful honeymoon conversations, and plenty of lager before sex and sleep on a full tummy. Girls, this is your test - you have a week or two - the duration of your honeymoon - to break him in and show him who's boss. Insist he takes you out - or rather, take him out - to that quaint local taverna in the village, even if you need to forfeit your all inclusive resort deal for a night or two. Introduce him to Chateauneuf du Pape, flown in at vast expense, and teach him to sip.

If you fail, you are doomed. Start planning your next honeymoon here.

Honeymoon Travel Ideas

For some honeymoon travel ideas of all types to get you dreaming, browse and click on the panels below. Alternatively check out the holidays - many suitable for honeymoon - we have available in New Zealand (to get away from it all), Bali and Indonesia, Costa Rica or South Africa - or see our safari holidays and beach holidays.

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