Fools in Paradise

Feb 10


Thomas Carter

Thomas Carter

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Fools in Paradise

I often take time out to reflect upon my position as a network marketer,Fools in Paradise Articles and its’ ironic that in the greatest industry ever created with unlimited potentials we spend so little time in putting our focus on what we know to be the more fundamental factors in being great marketers. Is it that we’re just too busy being busy? All in name of making money? Why aren’t we increasing those skills that set us apart from the norm? How do we determine whether we are moving in the right direction with our business? What are the indicators? Is it that our commissions are getting larger? or is it the new found popularity in the social marketplace? Are we developing all the wrong habits? Are we concerned whether or not the strategic marketing systems we have in place are designed to support our businesses in the long stretch?

Here’s some breaking news for those still suffering from that lottery mentality. You’re not going to wake up in the morning and magically become a Mike Dillard, or David Wood, Jeffrey Combs or a Cedric Harris, just to mention a few. These top producers are masters of the game, and have put in their time learning and perfecting their skills. They have positioned themselves for the upsurge that they know is coming to this particular market. They understand exactly what network marketing mean, now and the future, smart men and by no means just lucky, but rather vanguards in our industry with leading edge techniques that we can all learn from. Why wouldn’t you chase these people down and get that infinite know how?

Shouldn’t we be focus on improving our article marketing, video marketing, SEO comprehension, and people skills? Listen very carefully…You can have a 1000 leads a day, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t close. We can no longer hide at home behind our computer, and expect the numbers in our business to keep increasing. We have to get back to the personal touch. Everyone and I mean everyone that’s successful in this business is all great closers. If you are plugged into a successful system your chances are a little better, but without those most crucial interpersonal skills, you are dead in the water. Become great at what you do, learn all the things you don’t know about your business, learn more about your competition, for if you failed to get back to basics, eventually your business will suffer. Its a great time to put our ego’s in our back pockets, and seek out the people that have what we truly need to not just survive, but thrive in this industry. We are constantly failing because we forget that this industry works best on an informational format based upon what value we can give, and the results of that value make others successful. People always ask why I don’t write articles on the business itself, my simple answer.  I write articles of simplicity because there’s more than enough people writing about the technical, and business jargon. Without understanding what your true mindset is, you will never be able to reach the level of success that many only dream about. Stay focus on what YOU need, and your business will grow. Personally develop yourself on a daily basis, stand firm with the promises that you have made, and always be aware that it is YOU who makes the different between failure and success, it is YOU who have the power to impact the lives of others, and it is YOU, who is the designer of your future. Today you have a choice.

Be Powerful!

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